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  1. Thanks a lot! This update solved all my problems - now I can say this Docklet works perfectly with RK Launcher !!! Great job!!!
  2. heh next one --> the next and back buttons on Alarm and WorldClock don't work for me eather... I didn't notice before 'couse I didn't have so many cities and alarms. Just added few minutes ago to check it out.
  3. yeap, that was it So now, can I leave it as an US english and localization USA? I checked and I still have polish programmers keyboard so it's ok
  4. The problem is that I set this language during initial load of vista and now I have only two choices - polish and polish programmers. But as far as I noticed those settings goes to clickboard so I have polish letters... the whole system is in english though. BTW thank you for the tip about date and day of the week, now I have it like this and it' good 'couse monday for eg. in polish is poniedzialek so it's very long word and I need a space for it. And I figured out the "Next" button problem (to much on wright) thans to the date setting
  5. I have an american vista version but with polish programmers language so things like f.eg date I have in polish. But I know what's the problem - I had set the size font 16 and the date is ok only in 12... but it's to small a bit
  6. Lucida Handwriting - I'm using it as a system font - chnged by Windowblinds. What is regular font for vista? To be honest - have no idea, never was interested... As for ini file - I used the whole pckage... I have question: as you can see, under the hour I have date info like day of the week, month and year... Is it possible that it wolud be day of the week, mont and date not year? I mean the exact date is more important than a year - year doesn't change evry day
  7. Lucida Handwriting Ghostwalker the skin is great (thanks for my favorite backgrounds ) but I want to show how the "Next" button appears on my docklet: And after this update I have this with Alarm:
  8. did it ... nothing changed... And I'm also using Windowsblinds ... Actually I's not so important to me 'couse I don't think I'll be using Alarm so often. But the problem exists...
  9. Ghostwalker thank you You're great Smaky after the last update nothing changed - still no AM/PM . Even though the docklet is great
  10. thank you, thakn you thank you!!! What I was missing was the stacks.lib in OD Awsom... EOT About Check Mail Docklet on RKL --> I didn't try it with animation off ... Maybe I'll try it but tomorrow. For me is 11 PM I have to get some sleep... and the checking takes little bit longer than a few minutes
  11. But the Object Dock doesn't see it so I have nothing to add PS: I'm afraid it's a wrong topic so I'm sorry for OT...
  12. hmmm so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Could you tell me step by step how to make it work? I'm sorry I keep asking about everything but I'm new in all this... And I'm really grateful for all your help
  13. Thanks a lot!!!! That's what I want It's wonderful
  14. good question... have no idea , just don't like those green leaves ... maybe some black/silver? Or eventually black/blue, black/red? Something like this? Or else... just no green
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