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  1. Dock has recently started making my computer freeze up a bunch.. just like stalls when doing anything window-management related... Wish there was a good dock that was still maintained. Been using this one since it launched in Jan 2010 EDIT: Whaaaaat dock just got an update, is there any changelog or something at all?
  2. I guess its pretty clear that this project has been abandoned. I hate to say that as I love this dock and I wish he would start work on it again, but unfortunately there hasn't been an update since last year so i assume there wont be another one
  3. yeah for me it shows thing like objectbar, desktop window manager and others and it really needs a blacklist
  4. I was wondering if you could give us an option to remove file extensions in the container plugin. And maybe give the new container plugin the same look as the old one had, i still use the old one because i prefer the look of it
  5. ill give you my specs: Windows Vista 32bit Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2ghz Nvidia 8600gt 2gb DDR2 RAM 298gb HD Well originally it would just happen if i just left the computer runnning for a while, which i do most of the time, but recently it has started to happen more often. whenever i open programs, run a program from the dock, thats usually what triggers it to go to 100% usage i think. only started hapening in the past 2 weeks or so, ive got the most recent version of the dock and all.
  6. so... does anyone have the same problem as me? xwd causing 100% cpu usage, and its happening more often now...
  7. I was wondering if the gmail checker could be changed so we can specify a program to be opened when we click "check inbox" because i use Mozilla Firefox for my email, and the current check inbox button does nothing as far as i can tell. Perhaps add a function for it to open either a webpage or a program?
  8. I dont have 64bit, so i dont know about the first problem, but as for the file extensions, yeah if that could be changed that'd be nice. Like, I have an applications stack and they all show up like "Address Book.lnk Photoshop.lnk Flash.lnk iTunes.lnk" etc
  9. Ok, so i've been using the dock since it first cam out, and yeah it drained heaps of memory, but my computer ran fine still. But in the past week, if i leave my computer on for a while as i go and do something else, sometimes when i come back XWD.exe is using 100% of my cpu. Anyone else experiencing this issue? As for the update, you've continued to add great features, but i think the most obvious thing is you need a blacklist for apps showing up in the dock. Cause every time i start up xwd, switcher, yahoo widgets and other pop up. For the time being I just right click and go "keep in dock" then i right click again and uncheck keep in dock, that temporarily removes them, but as for stuff like objectbar, i have a custom right click menu using objectbar, so everytime i right click on my desktop, objectbar appears in the dock. I think all that needs to be done after the blacklist is minimization. Some people will like magnification but personally I don't think id use it. But make sure if you add it you can customize how much zoom there is. Even tho the dock doesnt currently have minimisation or maximisation etc, its still the best mac resemblisng dock out there. one more thing, with your new container plugin, could you possibly keep the functionaliy it has, but make it look like the original container plugin? like it does on a mac EDIT: Ok, now xwd.exe is eating up 100% CPU much more often, not just when i leave the computer.
  10. I personally just close xwd whenever im going to open a fullscreen app just to be safe... I was thinking... would it be possible for open applications to show up in the dock, like in Mac dock?
  11. i think im having the same problem? im not sure how it happens but sometimes when i hover the mouse over an icon in xwd then the labl appears under all the other windows so i cant see it. Is there a way to fix it? not a big problem but anyway...
  12. just to add something else, i was just wondering about the possibility of a "show in explorer" button in stacks, like in Mac or even in Matonga's stacks. atm i just have s shortcut to the folder called "open in finder" but it would be nice to have a built in one oh and i finally managed to connect my computer to the internet and saw the update notification thing pop up in the dock! it is yet another wonderful addition to a great dock oh and have a nice summer
  13. i have been using this dock since launch, and it has been great, apart from one thing. minimisation. currently i have a transparent rk launcher to the side of XWD where windows are minimised to, but if there is one feature i would love to see in XWD more than anything, it would be minimisation like in 5.6 with the genie effect. I dont care much for magnification really because i prefer it without it. and as for the dock appearing when you move mouse over the bottom of the screen, PERSONALLY, i wouldn't use that. But i have to say, the new features you introduced, stacks, bouncing icons and dock expose, are brilliant. awesome. amazing. i am sorry to say, that i have little to no money atm but i can honestly say IF i had the money and magnification was implmented, i would donate
  14. i noticed someone said that the dock needs window reflection. if you have vista (maybe 7 im not sure) put it on vista basic (instead of aero) and it actually does have the reflections
  15. Is it possible when you add stacks to have the name of the stack up the top? eg: In a documents stack up the top just above the icons but still it the stack area say "Documents" edit: Hmmmm... how do i show a picture?
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