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  1. Filandre1 Hello, I wanted to bring to your attention a problem that occurs with the bar when I run any video game with a resolution different from that of the desktop, for example (the video game that covers the screenshot runs at 800x600, while the desktop is 1680x1050). Note that in version 2.0.3 the problem does not occur. I attach the screenshot to better understand the problem. Hello and thank you again for the excellent work. ps:you can delay the onset of the bar when I'm close to the edge? joker76
  2. Hello filandre1 I really like how the bar has evolved, only criticism is the size of the icons in small containers that come back after a restart of the bar, while being selected "view large icons". Mine is not intended as a criticism but just an observation, the work you've done so far and excellent. Hello joker76
  3. Carbon 3D Created By joker76 Carbon 3D.zip
  4. Filandre1 Hello, thank you for adding my files, it is a great honor for me. Now the indicator of PortableApps works fine. If I can help in anything let me know. joker76.
  5. Hello Filandre if you are interested I created an icon for the container, if you want you can also insert it as the default. joker76
  6. Alluminio Arrotondato Created By joker76 Alluminio Arrotondato.zip
  7. Ferrari Testarossa Created By joker76 Ferrari Testarossa.zip
  8. OSX Mountain Lion Created By joker76 OSX Mountain Lion.zip
  9. Tron Alternative 3d created by joker76 Tron Alternative 2d created by joker76 Tron Alternative 3D-2D.zip
  10. Tron 3D V2 Created by joker76 Tron 2D V2 Created by joker76
  11. The problem is that if you run "Firefox.exe" portability would be lost, as "FirefoxPortable.exe" deals to save the settings in the "FirefoxPortable \ Data". For many years I am portable applications, and I can assure you that an application to be portable must use his launcher. In the "XWindowsDock v." indicator to "FirefoxPortable.exe" was displayed as an image attachment. Then I wanted to ask if it was possible to increase the speed of opening the container, such as the "Mac" or "StackDocklet." As always, thanks for listening to my requests. joker76
  12. If I can affect the translation into Italian for version v. text_it.zip
  13. Now it works perfectly. In a future version I'd like the chance to be able to disable the navigation in the container. Thank you so much for solving this annoying problem. XWindowdock is becoming the state of the art thanks to your efforts, thanks again for the time you gave me. joker76
  14. I think I have identified the problem. When the window is open if it is to cover the bar even partially works. If the window does not cover the bar will remain hidden. I uploaded a video for you to understand the problem better. http://tinypic.com/r/107l20l/6 joker76
  15. The Problem of the bar remains hidden as in the movie. By various tests it seems that sometimes remains hidden and other times it works It seems that the problem is the window is minimized if it works well, but if the window is in the background creates problems. joker76
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