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  1. Hi guys,is there any way to show all open windows on finderbar?i can only make show active window.thanks
  2. if you installed xwd 2.0 download themes and navigate to skins folder then right click on dock,select preferences,skins,select and apply.
  3. seriously it doesnt work.i use win7 32bit.
  4. sorry its me again just wanted to let you know that cant connect my iphone to pc when i use xwd 2.0 but when i quit dock i can connect my iphone. thanks.
  5. hi bobah im happy you fixing aero problem,remember it was me told about aero first and now i just clicked this link />http://www.apple.com/ipad/#video to watch a video and wmy windows 7 went to simple mod from aero. hope you will fix it too. thank you so much.
  6. i upgraded my windows 7 because thought it will sort out problem but it didnt work. i think problem is when i run itunes with windows aero themes it crashes but when i run i tunes with basic themes(sorry dont know how u say in english)it works well.
  7. you can be right,im updating my windows 7 32 bit now.will let you know.
  8. sorry bobah but im having problem when i run itunes screen goes black.i reinstalled itunes but its still same.
  9. you wellcome.im happy it worksbut now im having trouble because it crashes with itunes.
  10. drag and drop app icons from startmenu,which worked for me.
  11. i cant see page indicators are working.is it normal?or its just me?
  12. same for me.no error or anything but when clıck on icons nothing comes up.only my computer and trash works.
  13. im sorry but how to install it?after unzipped downloaded folder thats what i see on my desktop.please let me know how to do it? windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
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