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  1. *Edit* NVM stupid IE.. Nice Wallpaper!
  2. Can you make one without the vertical lines Thanks.
  3. I keep getting this error : "WidgetDock2.6 was unable to load itself sucessfully"
  4. Can you add the ability to move the label to the right or left of the icon? Also how about sub labels? Something like this :
  5. I would be interested in beta testing 1.3
  6. I get this error : http://img351.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled9wk.jpg
  7. The accuweather feed has changed or got cut-off. Arlo will soon release weather 2.1 which will go back to the weather.com feed.
  8. Is it just me or half of the icons in that zip don't properly extract?
  9. Hey Siosae are you working on any other widget?
  10. I get "NaN" when using the weather.com feed. Also the border detection is working very well now One thing I'd like to request is for the widget to slide instead of snap back into place. *edit* when the widget is in the top right corner it snaps down about 5 inches away from the top when you expand and collapse it. :slant:
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