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  1. Haven't logged on for four years, was struck by a random whim today to see what had become of the forum. Nice to see it's around for posterity's sake. Like Timan said, I did indeed grow up and buy a Mac. Lots of good memories associated with this site, though. And some familiar names on this thread! Cheers, NC
  2. Make your changes, make a backup copy of the revised .ini file, then restart your computer. Now move the revised .ini file back as the actual one in use (close the dock before you do this). Subsequent restarts should keep your changes preserved. Cheers, NC
  3. The links for the "Temptation" and the "Eternal Blue" set still work. As for the rest of them, I've uploaded them on Sendspace. Hope this helps! Cheers, -NC
  4. Apparently your guys' humor is my vulgarity . Fair enough then ... this is GD, after all. Unbe would have a fit if he knew, but as he's no longer here – carry on! Cheers, -NC
  5. Guys, let's have a referendum! Who wants me to close, and very probably delete, this thread on the basis of Section 2.1.1 and hmm, pretty much all of Section 2.2 of Aqua-Soft's Guidelines? Post back or vote in the poll to express your opinion. Cheers , -NC
  6. Eh, things can sometimes get finicky. Try moving the taskbar to another side of the screen, and then resizing it. Then, move it back. Alternatively, you could restart and see if you have any luck. Cheers, -NC
  7. //Thread Closed. Post new screenshots in the '09 Desktops thread. Happy New Year's! -NC
  8. Same old rules, guys ... Desktop Guidelines: Do NOT post multiple desktops in a single post. You are allowed to have discussion in this thread but keep it on topic: requests and questions are fine, but nothing else. Posts will be deleted at moderators discretion. Keep this thread clean! No nudity in any image posted here, keep all thumbnails PG rated. If the fullsized image of your desktop contains nudity, warn the user that it is not safe to click. Failing to comply with this rule will result in a one day suspension. Ripping and releasing themes is not allowed. Posting screenshots of themes that are not yet released is allowed, so long as it's okay with the author(s). One week-ban if this is infringed once, with increasing penalties for more infractions. Authors should contact Timan, nightcrawler1089, or SirSmiley with complaints. They will be promptly addressed--first and foremost, we'll always support authors and developers. Make sure you don't hotlink DevArt images--upload your thumbnails to another site. To link a preview to a larger image, use the following code: [url=http://path_to_full_image] [img=http://_path_to_thumbnail] [/url] If you are going to quote a post remove the image from within the quote, otherwise you will be suspended for a day. Please note, all forum rules apply in this thread. Any rules broken will result in a warning or ban at moderator's discretion. Most importantly, report rules violations. Members found to be moderating will be suspended.
  9. Heh, I miss those guys . And of course, I missed you most of all, bh2, in my extended absence. Happy New Year's, everyone! -NC
  10. shadyblues13, stop double posting. I'd also appreciate it if you would either link your mockup/screenshot or make it slightly smaller, as it's breaking the layout. KAWSquared, whether or not your post was constructive is debatable. That it was rude is fairly obvious. Likewise for your recent post in the "red chair icon" thread, which I took the liberty of deleting. Tone it down, hmm? Happy New Year's to you both . -NC
  11. Hmm, well, the principle of my first hint remains the same. Use your favorite boot disk (Ultimate Boot CD is pretty good, as are any of the free Linux distributions, or just use whatever came with your computer) to boot up in MS-DOS or some alternate environment, and then replace the bad uxtheme.dll file with a clean version. Good luck, -NC
  12. There are two options open to you: 1) When you log in and the black screen appears, does anything pop up when you press Ctrl + Shift + Esc, or Ctrl +Alt + Del? If so, follow my directions in the post immediately above yours. 2) You say the computer is 1 day old. There can't be too much of your data on it. Why not reformat and reinstall Windows? Hope this helps, NC
  13. Stardock's customer support is usually pretty good. You'll probably get an email some time soon. I'm not sure what the specific problem is, but sometimes web forms will complain if there's any unusual punctuation. This includes periods and the like: have you tried editing the address section and removing anything that's not alphanumeric? Cheers, NC P.S: I cleaned up this thread a bit and removed the parts concerning warez, as they were offtopic.
  14. T3N0R10, please read the rules. Try, if possible, to speak English . //Edit: Thread Cleaned Up. iPxndx, as an administrator, I am entitled to post in threads regarding administrative matters without necessarily commenting on the contents of the thread itself. Moreover, your response to Church Punk's comment, regardless of whether or not the whole thing occurred based on a misunderstanding, is unacceptable. Consider this a warning – next infraction will produce a one-day ban. KAWSquared and Church Punk, I hate to be a "tough guy" about this, but your advice, though spot-on and useful, was offtopic and only exacerbated the situation. In the future, I can take care of things myself . -NC
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