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  1. I've encountered weird XWD bug. On Windows 8 Pro 64bit. After I was shutting down the system, I got an error like "Windows is unable to shutdown because of XWD app", but then after a while it closed - and it shutted down. But now I just see just 6 icons on the dock. There is no other icons, folders, there is no even separator. I have to set up all again
  2. Hi Filandre, I've found an issue. While I am testing the XWD on monitor with low resolution like 1366x768 the folder container cuts in the weird way last file line. I think the problem is with recognizing of how much files in the container XWD is able to show on specific resolution untill it will be cutted of the edge like on the attached picture. I know it's not a big deal, but it don't look good right now. PS. When You're planning to make a slider inside the container in a grid mode? I am just wondering when it will happen : - ) Cheers
  3. Good job Filandre. Now working with background windows is much better - I could say, now it is perfect ! You still missed the bug with capturing the whole screen (desktop). It captures also the window with saving destination. You also could compress less the captured images. Lost quality is visible. PS. You say that there is no other language than English? but while I am installing it, I can choose even the Polish. Is it a bug or something? ========= A Suggestion: The new feature - Auto resize is great. But... yes, there is a but : ) The dock is being small and smaller while I put more and more icons, to fit to screen which is amazing and great. And here's the but... but while I am deleting the icons in my opinion it should go back, I mean it should go bigger, and bigger while I delete the icon step by step, to fit my general defined settings of size of the dock. It is how the dock works on the mac os - so the main reason of xwindows dock (the most real mac dock "emulator")
  4. Yea it does work now - the skin I mean. Still You have to work on the capturing screen. And Good Job. Filandre, there is annoying issue with the dock. I dont know if You will understand me well, but I will try to describe the problem. I've noticed that when we have a folders, apps, web browsers in the background. I mean not minimized, but behind folder etc. After I click on the dock to show them up, the dock is minimizing them, not like the original windows bar - which makes them go up (before any other app / folder). I dont know if You understood me clearly - sorry bad English.
  5. Filandre whats new in the 2.0.4 release ? and I am having problems after You released version I guess. One of my skin is not working after that release. See the attachment. Problem 2: the new option - capturing full screen. Works too quick. It captures also the window "save as...".
  6. Filandre1 - Whats coming up in the 26 release? sorry but I am very curious. PS. is this possible to add second option like "capture whole screen" to already existing option that grabs just the dock as .png ? This way users can share their look of whole desktop. (I know that the PrintScreen does the work, but then u have to past it in some graphic program and then save, so such option would be nice). PS2 I will send new Polish translation for the 26 after You'll release it.
  7. Fil, whats new in oh now i see the new topics so question is solved.
  8. whats the "drawer" for ? I know that it displays a container icon, but the icons is so flatted - it dont look good. Whats the reason of putting it inside the dock?
  9. Whats new in this version *.18 ?
  10. After release update nr 17 I've noticed that the icons looks right now cool - I mean their quality is now ok. Good Job !!! Right now I am looking forward to see the scrollbars and minimizing windows, and tray support. Thank You a lot.
  11. Great update - its nice to see something clearly new in the dock. I mean the new "show folder" item in the popup "tooltip" menu. I am looking forward to see the scroll bar in the "GRID" view as we talked about and better icon quality : )
  12. ah, I didnt notice this option. That's weird option anyway. And I have noticed that there is no language file for the clock - months, days. They are all in the same language - English.
  13. There is a bug in the new version The clock plugin is opening and closing all the time. I mean, the dock shows the indicator and hids, that happens again and again. I noticed also, that in the tray shows and hids such thing like "XWindows Dock - Haali Media Splitter"... this may cause this problem
  14. I've found another bug. The "reserve screen" option doesn't work after You restart system or restart just the dock. After You restart it, You have to deselect the option, and select it again. Then it works until the next restart. PS. I think that I know something more about the bug with not hidding the dock fully. After I putted the dock at the bottom of screen, and took the original start bar to the bottom, so XWD is at really bottom it works fine. But if the dock is on the bottom, but after the dock is still the original windows start bar - then it not hids fully. So in my opinion the XWDock should have a smart code to first, check how long it should go down until it hids fully. Or You have to manually give him an option to hide more, but that is not a solution for long, because there are a lot of people, that resizes the windows start bar. Sorry for my English but I hope that You can guess what I mean... mostly : )
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