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  1. Small update: replace.cmd and restore.cmd now correctly work with Replacer 2.60+ (no more "Embedded file could not be extracted" messages)
  2. Tried Styler (v1.36) for the first time today, wow what a great program Only issue I have with it is the sluggish performance with shadows enabled. But have other people realized how well (the performance problems put aside) the shadows have been implemented in Styler? I was very impressed when even irregularly shaped windows (like for example some Windows Media Player skins) had perfectly shaped shadows applied. There is no other app that I know of that can do this. So there's two things I'd like to see in a future version: 1. Improved performance with shadows enabled 2. Ability to switch shadows on (and off) while moving/resizing I'm already considering a purchase, if the above two points could be adressed, well this would make it an absolute must-have program for me, because it would replace StyleXP, YzToolbar and YzShadow with one nice app
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