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  1. Thanks guys. I hope someday to see them live.
  2. No is not. It’s called Personal mod because you can't distribute it because it's someone else work and you respect him. If some people can't understand that if somebody rips their work (for personal use) is because they admire it, then they have big problem with their egos.
  3. [Download @ deviantART] (3 variables @ 1280x1024)
  4. Ok. Time to take part in this post. First of all, I don’t have anything against Unbeliever. But I want to ask the Admin-mods something. What’s the point of Desktop Screenshots thread? Is it to give to others ideas how to make the desktops better or not? So why to delete a post that is inspired from another post? If somebody doesn’t want they work to be rip, they have the choice not to post their desktops. Where exactly rules say that it isn’t allowed to post rips of unreleased themes, wallpapers or icons at the desktop thread? Also I want to ask why users have rules and mods don’t? A good example of a rule for the moderators is “When you delete a post you should always give full explanation why you delete it” I have never broken any forum rules. But Unbeliever deletes my post and say: Isn’t that post against the most important rule (it’s in red colour)?
  5. Do you mean something like this ? That can be only done with Photoshop (Take a ss and open it with ps. Cut the explorer and put a layer with the wallpaper at back). With WinFX you can do all the explorer transparent.Not only the inside window.
  6. Thanks Austin123 .Buena Vista is more than a music.:cool:
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