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  1. What happened to mine? blulegend aatt gmail ddoott com
  2. I'll take one and share it. blulegend aatt gmail ddoott com
  3. The comic docklet never works when RKLauncher is loaded at bootup. You need to quit and reload the launcher for the comic feature to work.
  4. What are the requirements for this DirectX effect to work? It does not work on my Dell 700m. I get the "Error creating Direct 3D device" error.
  5. Sometimes the update now button doesn't really update either. Changing the weather source will sort of fix it until it happens again. Not sure if it's important, but I usually don't shut down my laptop but hibernate it. With past versions the widget did not update for a long time after resuming from hibernation, not sure if it updates soon after resuming with the latest version though. I'm using the latest hotfix. Sometimes the updating dot does not go away after updating.
  6. When using weather.com, the white updating dot sometimes does not go away.
  7. The widget lock position doesn't seem to work for me when I'm Konsposed.
  8. The dock wont lock in position even if locking is selected.
  9. I'm still seeing that after a return from Hibernation, the widget will not update till after 30 minutes.
  10. I'm confused. Who is the primary developer on this project? What happened with Tom? Did he give the project to Saladin?
  11. Hi again. I just noticed the widget was not updating within the first 3 minutes of return from hibernation (it's been 20 minutes). It must not have ever noticed it was missing an internet connection. It should judge by the last successful update so it knows that the data is about 10 hours old. BTW, I'm using the weather.com feed. Don't know how it acts with the accuweather feed, but I'd guess it acts the same. Thanks SioSae!
  12. :BOW: Ya, I was using weather.com because I feel like their weather is more accurate. Thanks!!!
  13. Is there a way for it to detect when a network connection is reestablished and update itself? It seems that after I return from hibernate or standby, it won't update.
  14. See, I knew it. That's why I put that. You're so great.
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