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  1. Ummm...a little something: Too lazy to launch Snapshooter :roll:
  2. Duckie?!?! GameBoyzGB??!!? I wouldn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!! Old pricks...nice to see that you're still around
  3. I just got back from Moscone Center (we were setting up our booths) and I heard two VERY interesting things... 1. New York Times people apparently got their hands on the iPhone today. It has touch-screen, iPod-like finish and supposedly is gorgeous. 2. Leopard will have lots of new 3D goodies - amongst them is different light sources support. I can't even get started on this, it's so exciting. Jason Harris (Unsanity, the guy who created Shapeshifter) told me that he found various proofs for this in Leopard code so..... Sorry for spreading out gossip but it's so exciting I thought you guys would like to know!
  4. H.N.Y. to everybody! Yes Tim, you too
  5. Google for Apple Design Awards, man...or go here.
  6. Topic closed. Please continue discussion in the thread iGo linked to.
  7. I am not rich guys... I simply work and it pays off
  8. A few new items in the family: • Apple Cinema Display 30" • Apple Cinema Display 23" (ADA award) • Macbook Pro 15.4" (ADA award) It's only temporary...I'm waiting for new Mac Pros to be released :cool:
  9. Of course iChat can handle MSN...just find a Jabber service which supports MSN and you're ready to go.
  10. Topic moved. We have a Releases subforum here, you know
  11. 1. The best way to go is have a fluid layout. It means that your website isn't say 700px wide but 90% wide (where 100% is the width of browser's window so the layout automatically adjusts to it). 2. Positioning stuff in the center of the page can be achieved with CSS. For example you could create a div and add margin: 0 auto; styling to it.
  12. This is why I made "you" bold It's obvious that one can't please everyone with their work so the perfect IM client is impossible to develop.
  13. Very nice wallpaper. Good effort, thank you!
  14. Please don't tell him to learn how to code using tables...it's certainly the bad and outdated way of web designing. Daevild, I suggest you to learn proper structural markup: divs, paragraphs, lists + CSS styling. This way coding is much easier and the outcome is nicer, more flexible and compliant with web standards ( = platform-independent). It's a long way but if you want to achieve the best effect, you should do it properly.
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