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  1. So now your PC is running faster and even more responsiveness than before, right? :slant: :confused: In the 90's it was common to see people overreacting when an application was using more RAM than usual even tho free RAM was still there. I think it is funny to see this kind of worry nowadays when system manages RAM better than ever and RAM in most of the cases is not an issue anymore.
  2. @ bSAYZ Nice work! My resolution is 1680x1050 but I was able to test it anyway.
  3. @ bSAYZ Great idea! I hope you release a beta of this skin soon!
  4. Did you install CAD 1.0 first (from fileforum.com)? Then did you copy the all new files following the Readme.txt directions? CAD won't run properly if you just unzip 2.0 in a folder and run... If you're already using ActiveWinamp plugin make sure to also download and install ActiveWinamp from CAD web site because some latest release are incompatible with each other.
  5. Initial topic updated showing a full screen skin preview screenshot. In addition, a full screen skin is also available here.
  6. What's your player? foobar2000 e.g. requires a plugin that you can also download at CAD home page. Did you follow all the Readme.txt steps? If so make sure to show CAD how you organize your music in "Options>Front cover". See Help file (it's from 1.0 but you can find some tips there).
  7. Right now CD Art Display won't touch any ID3 tag. Not that I'm not considering such option.
  8. The CD Art Display 2.0 developement started right after CD Art Display 1.0 release back in 24Aug2007. And now CD Art Display 2.0 Beta 4 is ready for testing and it reflects what can be the final version. What is CD Art Display? It is a skinnable application that shows the now playing song cover on your desktop. It fully supports AlbumPlayer, Helium Music Manager, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player 11, foobar2000 and partially supports MediaMonkey, MP3Toys, qmp and musikCube. See Readme.txt inside the zip for requirements. It's a major, major upgrade with several new and improved features including: 100% real time preview Skin Editor drag and drop a zip or rar to install a skin smooth horizontal and vertical text scrolling full screen skin (download a full screen skin here) screensaver module custom picture slideshow when player is stopped or not running cover search timeout (CAD will not freeze while searching) lyrics search timeout (CAD will not freeze while searching) Windows Vista Aero blur support new skin elements new elements transitions translation support (German and Portuguese-Brazil included) see complete list here Download CD Art Display 2.0 beta 4 here Make sure to see Reame.txt inside the zip!! There are a lot to explore and the best way is trying the new skins. So visit CD Art Display Skin Gallery for latest and 100% 2.0 skins! Read my blog article about CD Art Display 2.0 beta 4 for more details. Here's a full screen skin by OtisBee screenshot (working in progress): Click the image for a 1680x1050 preview Have fun!
  9. The application development has been stopped. Sorry.
  10. Yes the new foobar2000 component is ready thanks to eyebex! A public beta of CAD 2.0 will be available soon (I hope in February). I'm still waiting for some translations and I still have small issues to fix.
  11. Not planned yet. I can take a look if it's possible to do.
  12. Thanks chermany4ever! The new component is ready and working great! Soon CAD 2.0 beta will be available for all users: http://www.cdartdisplay.com/forum/index.php
  13. Icy Radio works great even at my work that uses proxy. Thanks again KSoft for such great app!
  14. Thanks detee. By the way Di7ra there's a CAD user making a foobar2000 component that will give a full integration with CAD.
  15. Thank you all for your kind words! They are an impulse to keep the project alive!
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