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  1. well i dont know for how long i've had it but i have noticed it just perhaps a week ago ... and no its no more under waranty
  2. just recently i noticed a light brown smudge in the lower left corner of the screen. i tried to wipe it off but it turned out it was not on the surface of the sceen ... i read somewhere that LCDs have the tendancy to turn brown when theyre hot yet i turned the computer of for a day and nothing changed ... anyone had a similar problem? i have a white Intel iMac core 2 Duo 20''
  3. i was wondering, does anyone here study architecture? cos am about to enter my studies and will need a notebook yet i am a bit affraid that 13 inch macbook might be just a little too small for work. and the macbook pros start a bit too higher on prices. also i have a 20 inch intel iMac, would it be then possible to connect the macbook to it to attain a bigger screen? //Thread Title Edited. Sorry everyone! -NC
  4. I'm waiting for youtube video Mad TV - all you can do with your ipod touch ... search for BOB DYLAN, then you can search dylan, play dylan and search for dylans pag on the internets ...
  5. the larger black spaces at the sides of nanos screen are a bit disturbing
  6. is it me or is apple becoming less mysterious as they are no more able to conceal their new releases before the actual special event or whatever. ever since the iPhone the rumors were almost always right and even the iPhone they predicted but i think that was too a long run product to conceal successfully until the release but still is it just me then?
  7. yes well, thats literally what i meant that their products are turning darker yet as i am a fan of the white apple designs i wonder if they really wont at least in the sence of the appearence of OS and roduct become just another PC manufacturer ... hope you guys understand what i mean now as for instance the iWork 08 ... Numbers, ... wonderful totally different and much better than any other spreadsheet. they still can make everything revolutionary and they really do a great job, its just that for instnce i noticed the fonts on the editing bar or what it is are slightly imperfect and thats what i like apple for, for doing everything perfect especially when it comes to appereance. and the whole bar thing is significant as well, as apple was again different and revolutionary by making those funky looking app drawers sliding from their sides ... well their getting rid of i. i dont say its bad i am just playing devils advocate here and saying weather the bar thing isnt a bit too conform and ordinary ... thats what i meant by becoming just another PC manufacturer in a sence of style ... @rjohnstone if you read this post you gonna laugh i guess so just to clarify, i guess i really wont be able to aprove my posts to your liking well, sorry ... and i dont mean this note sarcastically its just that this is how i write sorry, i mean it
  8. @rjohnstone appology accepted ... and i see what you mean, guess i'll try to make my posts shorter and pointier though this is actually the way i write even in my own language so i can't really promise you anything, but perhaps you'll see an improvement in my later posts as i might try to follow your advice
  9. @rjohnstone, @Quillz ... i do not really bother what you guys think i look like ... i surely am not a blind apple fanboy as you stated it. Actually id say ive had quite a few problems with my mac and i havent had it even a year yet. Anyway i agree i did not make myself very clear with that post actually it was a pretty tireing evening when i wrote that and i guess i just felt like having a chat with you guys in here about these issues. Yet i do not think that is an old topic and it that was not even my point anyway. Also rjonstone, it felt like you meant to say that you have read couple more of my posts and consider them all to be horribly structured and unreadable which i am not avare of though and wouldnt say so myself
  10. Is it just me or is this some sorta dark apple era? hope it wont go dark in the metaforical kinda way
  11. ok i guess the iMac is not as hideous as i thought sfter the first peek on the photos, yet i really dislike the black especialy the frame around the screen ... its not because it would be that ugly looking its just that i kinda get a fel from screens that look as they were bigger when swwitched off and then when turned on there you have the blac frame. i sort of consider it cheap looking or something and i always desired apple for that they could do everything the best they could and it was gorgeous wwell and if you cant just do it as better as it might be yet than do not fake it or something. is no literally like this with the iMac but i am just saying that it sort of reminds me of the small display on the front of the moto razr the small one on the outside and it had this huge blak corner when turned on. anyway the keyboard is stun ning and i would say itll look even better with my white intel iMac gonna buy one as soon as they get here hopefully
  12. the new iMac is hideous. Well, its still wonderfull in compare to the dell at the page for instance, but my got, its hideous. So happy Ive bought mine december
  13. :D:D ... well i consider that to be a well played joke by the apple side again ... acctually i think well not see the transparent menubar in the final release. and well ... yes i still mean what i said. have been using vista for a week and i did not see any point in having those kinda nicely done but absoluely useless window switching dunno even how to call it. the thing when the windoze line up one after anotha and you can scroll through them kinda i guess its done with alt+tab. Apples done it once done it simply and done it right with expose and then they did it again with teh spaces although i guess you could point out that they got the idea from VirtueDesktops yet i did have VirtueDesktop and didnt get much use of it. Apple might have got the idea from there but they have pushed it a step further and i find it very useful unlike the virtue desktop or the useless vista features with nice appereance but no function
  14. also i read rumours about iMac loosing his "Jay Leno" chin which i think the download icon rules aside ... why would they make a whole system default icon with an iMac as it is today if they had something in works planed to update it am glad cos i have purchased my 20inchy in december and i just love it
  15. what you mean by that? ... its a thread about opinions not for leopard haters... and i myself like many things about it as i said the performance is excellent and the new features are stunning i just think the appereance is not what they were actually going for but what they got stuck with and hope theyll make up to it and will see a completelly stunning final release ...
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