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  1. There is no download link on avedesk.org, and link on this forum is dead. And all links that i have googled are also dead.
  2. God damn it, doesn't work in Opera. Two months after the first testing preview and still no hope...
  3. Guys, your work is awesome, but where's the graphite skin?
  4. Woooooooooow! You're the best. I never thought about Ros' style wallpaper. But that's a perfect idea. I must thank you as one of the biggest Ros fans.
  5. If You're using Expedition skin Expedition, then You just have to go to View->Toolbars->Customize, then select the right panel and check the "use large images" option.
  6. After installing R2 update on Windows Server 2003 Standard x86 the logon screen changed back to "normal" Windows state. Updating/re-installing didn't work out.
  7. The speed's practically the same.
  8. Carlospr How about including two text lines in search results window under the cover thumbs: Artist and Album title. This would be very useful to my mind.
  9. No, it was uninstalled, but some junk was left in the registry somehow.
  10. Oh, damn it. I guess I discovered a new bug. With newly installer whatever I do the CAD-starter plug-in doesn't work. It isn't seen by Winamp at all, tried re-installing CAD, WInamp (with the newest version), whatever, plugin files are in the right folder, but Winamp ignores them. This seems pretty strange as long as on my second machine everyhting worked fine. edit Fixed it myself, just deleted all entries in registry about Col_Rjl plugin and everything went fine.
  11. Looks like lots of people wish to download it. Liked the preview so waiting for site becoming available again.
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