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  1. Or bite the bullet and use the latest iTunes alone without MultiPlugin. I've been using iTunes without MultiPlugin for nearly a year and a half without any problems.
  2. Yeah, probably little chance of an update. Time to move on, yes?
  3. As far as I can tell (on Windows) there's really no differences between v7.5 and any other v7.x version.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't count on it anytime soon. Localhost must be suffering from the Real Life Syndrome. iTunes v8.0 anyone? =)
  5. Yes. The newer iTunes versions aren't compatible with with the current version of Multi-Plugin.
  6. I use the iTunes store's ability to get album art. Also, I use Amazon.com and Wikipedia. Interesting enough, I had Marilyn Manson's album art several weeks before release, since it was on Wikipedia.
  7. I've pretty much have given up on Multi-Plugin. I guess I got used to the iTunes UI, who knows?
  8. There is graphical differences (they changed the way the UI looks in v7.3), and there are other little differences, including, the new alpha-numeric ordering or artists in the iTunes library (numbered artists/albums go after Z instead of before A).
  9. Plus they royally screwed up the arrangement of arists with number names (putting them below Z instead of above A). Alpha-numeric sucks. :|
  10. Then don't use iTunes 7? There's bound to be compatibility issues. Apple changed a lot from the 6.x builds to the 7.x builds. Blame them. We'll just have to wait till the new update for the newer builds. Having Real Lifeā„¢ Syndrome kinda complicates that though.
  11. Somebody could open the main installer (via WinRAR), and extract the iTunes only installer and upload it to RapidShare or something.
  12. Well, it's out when it's out. There's no ETA. Your guess is as good as mine or anyone else's. Have patience. =)
  13. Multi-Plugin 2.5 isn't compatible with the latest iTunes 7. [Edit: People may be interested in this bundled version. -NC]
  14. No versions are compatible with v7.1.x.x yet. We have to all wait for an update.
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