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  1. Also, is there a possibility of a "magnification" feature? Thanks.
  2. Awesome work. Thanks for this dock! Any chance of a minimize to dock feature (not just an animate to dock feature)? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Is there a chance of getting the preinstalled zip files for the latest release? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Whatever lagging problem I was having seems to be totally gone now. This dock is totally awesome. I think the one last thing that would make it the best dock ever would be if windows could minimize to the dock like on a Mac. Any chance of that happening any time? Thanks!!!!!!
  5. Hi, I've been using for a few days now, and I'm still getting an INSANE amount of "lagging." The main program that is absolutely incredible slow is Microsoft Outlook. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Any chance we can get the pre-installed zip files for Thanks.
  7. Hi, I haven't heard anything in a while on this. Any updates coming? This program has become unusable for me for quite a long time because of the lag and the graphics display issues. It's a bummer, because I really like the program. Thanks.
  8. I had the same problems with version
  9. Hi, I LOVE this dock, but for some reason, it slows down my computer like CRAZY when I use it. There is a delay on everything I do. It also causes my graphics driver to crash. I keep getting this message that says something like "your graphics display driver stopped responding" or something like that. Any ideas what's going on? Thanks.
  10. Oh. I see. So technically, this version still does not "minimize to dock."
  11. Can anyone help here? Do you all understand what I'm saying? My apologies if I'm not being clear. I guess what I'm asking is, when you "minimize to dock," do you actually see a small, miniature version of the window on your dock (just like on a Mac)? I'm not seeing that.
  12. I tried to turn on all animations, but it still doesn't seem to work. Perhaps I'm confused about something. When you say it minimizes to the dock, what does that mean? In other words, when I click on the minimize button, it looks like it animates the window to go down to the dock, but I do not see a separate minimized icon on the right side of the dock (like you would see on a Mac). Am I still doing something wrong? Thanks.
  13. Am I doing something wrong? It won't minimize to the dock for me ... Thanks.
  14. Hi, I'm guessing the updates to this software are officially dead? We haven't seen anything in quite a while. Bummer.
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