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  1. yeah im the administrator and everything it should stick but it doesnt T_T
  2. im using rocketdock and whenever i reset the computer the stacks icon also resets to default meaning nothing. it gets annoying to reset it every time. btw im on windows vista home premium. any fix?
  3. what i did was go to safe mode and right click the folder, like my documents and see the ownership and sharing properties, you have to be in the admin account. just click here and there and im sure you'l unlock it. good luck
  4. wow, nice!! i appriciate this, could i ask for somemore?
  5. this would be great! a set of the characters on your dock of the new and cool movie, cars suggest u guys watch its fun!
  6. its a problem with firefox, a memory leak, as a heavy user with plenty of tabs and windows, it hovers from 110-150mb usage after a few hours of heavy use. with so many plugins im betting thats the reason why. try to unistall and keep the ones ud need. and see if its faster
  7. could you tell me step by step how to? thanks and asides from samurize ne other option?
  8. landvermesser. dont you plan to release an update to fix all these bugs? your program is great and im really hoping that you can fix all these bugs that people have been having thanks for you consideration
  9. good but incomplete. it doesnt change the icons of office. with the docs and ppt.
  10. best that flyakite could find or do.
  11. so you restarted your computer and reisntalled the thing all over again and then no problem? it didnt stop at the itunes multi plugin? thats great to hear. i wasnt able to install it the other time. btw im installling from a cd.
  12. well i dont know why its hanging and im glad someone has the same problem as me, no offense revolution6, but to tell you i didnt restart the computer, i quit the installation and did a system restore, but my icons for word and powerpoint documents have changed. which is ok with me
  13. nevermind, i had to restore after it was unresponsive. il try again this afternoon and leave out all the extras
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