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  1. There's one big difference between the current version (7.50) and the last version supported by multiplugin: coverflow view fullscreen! I miss my mulitplugin so much, but I just can't sacrifice the prettiness of full screen coverflow for it
  2. Thanks Husaini...that looks interesting. Is that for windows? Only thing is that that looks like an additional app. I was really looking for a modification to the existing itunes infrastructure (I already have quite complicated remote control scripts running to control itunes coverflow from my cell phone). Anyone know if this would be possible? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Was just wondering if anyone had explored the possibility of what might be a fairly simple itunes hack. I would love it if I could use coverflow within itunes to browse any files I put in there, and then open them in the default apllication when selected. Specifically I would love to be able to browse dvd covers (specified by me) that point to files of my dvd backups on my hard drive that could be in .avi .iso .img .ifo format etc. Does this appeal to anyone else? I'd have no idea how to do it but I imagine it mightn't be too hard if one were good at this kind of thing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. This does seem like a great idea - always seemed like a fairly obvious and basic implementation that was missing from Windows. And of course, as Sranshaft made it you know it's going to look great! thanks! PS...[to Sranshaft] any news on that email?
  5. really sorry to bump this again Sranshaft..... just wondering if you had any estimate for videoshelf? no problem however long it is - i'd just love to know so i know whether to keep waiting or go ahead and find a different tool to catalogue my collection. Your tool with the pending improvements is everything i want for this purpose, but if it won't be ready for a while I'd know that it'd be worth my while to go ahead and try out another program at least for now.... Thanks so much
  6. Yeah, I love the full screen coverflow in 7.1. So pretty! How is the Mac one better?
  7. Yeah, I unchecked the crossfade option in itunes playback options, but still no joy. All songs seem to cut out before the are finished Ocasionally the problem goes away again (usually after i fiddle with some option or other in foobar prefs) and i think i fixed it, but before long it rears its ugly head again. It's driving me mad - i love multiplugin - and i want the improved quality of foobar...any ideas? guess I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling multi-plugin...
  8. [update: AARGH! Now its back! This problem of songs cutting off before they're over keeps coming back! Has no-one else had the same problems / figured out a way to fix it for good? Thanks!
  9. I am still having a problem with foobar passthrough and this version of multiplugin. With foobar passthrough enabled, each song ends prematurely. There is no crash; the next song just starts as if the previous one had finished. In other words, i miss the last 20 seconds or so of each song that plays. Obviusly this is quite annoying....anyone else experienced this / have an idea how to fix it? I desparately want the improved sound quality of foobar, but this irritation is not easy to ignore Thanks in advance PS i have foobar and latest itunes7. Problem occurs with both DirectSound and KernelStreaming in foobar.
  10. And any news on Videoshelf? Especially if movieclerk is on hold I'm sure I'm not alone in waiting excitedly for the final(ish) version of videoshelf! Thanks so much
  11. Sounds great Sranshaft! If it has the tweaks mentioned in this thread then the final-ish videoshelf will most definitely be worth the wait! Thank you so much!
  12. The new one looks great Sranshaft ! However I do also love the simplicity of videoshelf. I do hope you will still be releasing a final version of videoshelf allowing for manual addition of movies not found on amazon, and the ability to "open" locally hosted movie files. Or, will a similar simple shelf view be an option with MovieClerk? Thanks a lot man, really excited about finally organizing all my movies....have been holding out for your solution because I've found all the comercially available movie-organizing software to be over-complicated and way less pretty than videoshelf!
  13. Thanks so much for multi-plugin 2.5 localhost - practically bug free! Actually there is only one problem that i have come across, but it is proving quite annoying. I have the latest itunes (7.02.16) the latest multi-plugin and foobar When i enable foobar passthrough (with or without kernel streaming) songs are cut off roughly 10-20 seconds before each song ends. I have identified the cause of this behaviour - it only occurs when "stop after current" is flagged from the main player window "playback" menu in foobar. (maybe because of foobar's buffer setting - mine is set at 2000ms) Removing the "stop after current" flag completely fixes the problem, however each time itunes + foobar are restarted that option is flagged again. Anyone know a workaround to make "stop after current" NOT be foobar's default playback setting?
  14. me too...my excited anticipation of this release is well documented!
  15. awesome loclahost! Love having bug free cover browser with Foobar audio. amazing! Thank you so much...been checking for this update almost daily!
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