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  1. I've noticed lately sometimes WMP won't add files automatically to my library. I can add them if I drag them or if I do a search for files, but that takes forever. Is there something I can do to fix this?
  2. Definitely not a virus of any sorts. I'm far from careless when it comes to stuff like that. As for the "snap to", nope it's not on. And restore points haven't change anything.
  3. I hope I can explain this so it makes sense. I'm having a slight issue with stuff on my taskbar. For instance when I have 2 windows open, we'll say Firefox and My Documents. I'll have FF minimized and be working only in My Documents. When I close or minimize My Documents, FF appears as if I'm hovering over it with my mouse when I'm not. It does anything I close/minimize something. If there is nothing, then it highlights the Start Button. While this isn't causing problems, it just bugs me and wonder if there is something I can do about it?
  4. Any suggestions? I've looked on Newegg and Tiger Direct but I'm just not really sold on any.
  5. @bozoleclown: Is that a CAD skin you're using for music?
  6. Been using Avast for years. Nothing has ever gotten through except one and that was all due to my stupidity.
  7. Thanks. And unless this forum is diff from others, I've learned that the search function is pretty much useless.
  8. I recently bought a new laptop that has a row of media player buttons. It's an HP DV 7 1129WM. I would love to be able to use the play/pause/stop buttons for iTunes but they do not work unless iTunes is the current open window. If it's minimized then it won't work. Just the volume/mute buttons work. Is there anyway around this?
  9. I downloaded the latest version of Safari the other day and just now am getting around to using it. I'm having quite an annoying issue with the bookmarks bar. It's replacing a lot of my site names and folder names with "..." . For instance, I have a folder named "IMPORTANT". On the bar it's showing up as "IMP...ANT". GMAIL is GM...L. etc. Anyone else have this problem and know how to resolve it? I can include a screen shot if needed.
  10. I'm talking about what you have showing what music you're playing.
  11. bh2 - Is that a CAD theme? If so, which one?
  12. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Still searching for an answer. Do not bump or double post - as and when someone has an answer they will let you know - thanks mps69
  13. I am able to change all my systems fonts using just the basic Windows appearance editor, but can't seem to figure out the taskbar. I used a program called StyleSelector or FontSelector, can't remember which, but it kept giving me an error everytime I'd switch to my username from my fiance's. Any other suggestions?
  14. Rissol could I get a link to that wall pls?
  15. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "unblocking" the file. I right-clicked it but saw no option for that.
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