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  1. Your's is probably a very old request by now. Just kidding, released new version with .ico support, check first post.
  2. Maybe this helps: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646309(VS.85).aspx Some notes: HWND -> Form1.Handle In your form add this to FormCreate procedure: // For example Win+Shift+A // 100 or whatever you want, if you register many hotkeys you must put a unique id to each one RegisterHotKey (Handle, 100, MOD_WIN Or MOD_SHIFT, VK_A); In your form add this to interface section: procedure FormHotKey (var msg : TWMHotKey); message WM_HOTKEY; In your form add this to implementation section: procedure FormHotKey (var msg : TWMHotKey); begin If msg.ID = 100 Then Show; end; Of course this is just quick & dirty. For other techniques you'll need a .dll etc... for sure, this is just the simplest alternative. PS: I didn't test the code, so it may have syntax errors.
  3. Thanks EiBStudent for informing and sorry for inconveniences, I've reuploaded file to another hosting, hope it works for you this time. Cheers.
  4. Sorry, I tend to move stuff around from time to time. Uploaded again (to another server were it should just stay forever), and fixed links in first post of this thread. Cheers and sorry for any inconveniences.
  5. Sorry, I'm not sure if I should publish this here or at Developer's Hangout thread. Please move accordingly if needed. XWeather docklet source code (as of XWindows Dock 5.6, not sure if it's still working): http://matias.securityconsultant.com.ar/XW...-2009-11-06.zip Using Delphi 5 compiler, should compile under newer Delphi's with some minor changes. I'm releasing this to everyone wanting to make modifications to it, or a new docklet or whatsoever (just keep it for free, please ). I've been away from the community for a large time, so I thought I should at least publish the sources for others to continue / replace the docklet (if not done already, I've been unable to check yet).
  6. Mmm... I guess Elevati0n point is right... did you mean Orlando, Florida, USA?
  7. As long as UK uses 110V power it should. Really I don't know. Here in my country we use 220V instead, so you need a transformer to make them work (also they turn to burn in fire when you plug those here).
  8. @ahmadus: Yes here I have the same thing. The preview of files is ok here, but font is like being blitted to a low-res texture. However this is the first CoverFlow I've seen for Windows' Explorer (indeed I thought it was just impossible to put this thing just there, let alone the integration with Explorer and using IShellFolder, etc..., I mean, vemod must have had a hard time writing this so we should be pacient and supportive with this guy )
  9. Also tell it not to load at Windows startup before removing the folder. (of course exit XWD before too, but I guess I don't need to say that)
  10. If you(1) are super-picky about font-smoothness, choose among these options: Use ObjectBar or Rosie or McBar instead, for finderbar emulation. or Use GDI++ instead, for font smoothing (this choice highly recommended) (I recall some modes of it do subpixel -i.e. "ClearType"). (1) by "you" I don't mean STARTxAxFIRE, I'm just quoting and kind of adding info.
  11. For the broken matrix part to be moving you have three options: Vista + Aero enabled and some kind of custom wallpaper app, I dunno about this but it seems Vista comes with animated wallpapers? correct me if I'm wrong. An animated .gif (it'll work even under Windows XP). I recall there is an app, maybe from AndreasV, published here at Aqua-Soft, allowing you to put a video as wallpaper or something like that.
  12. Check out this one: http://www.mobilesmania.com/forum/nabeelup...hoto-311575.png It may deny you access, then try visitting this link first: http://www.mobilesmania.com/forum/index.php?showuser=311575
  13. I found this rather strange code snippet: http://www.nirsoft.net/vb/shutdownwin.html It shows how to programatically show Windows shutdown dialog. I wonder if this works under Windows Vista / Windows 7 (it works under XP, just tested). Of course, this would make it possible to intercept it too, for apps like iShut to show up instead, when choosing Start > Shutdown...
  14. Mac OS X: Adium, by far the best, and a pitty not being it available for Windows / Linux. Windows: Digsby, it's less buggy than Pidgin (which crashes a lot in my machine, yes I used stable releases). On chatting services I prefer Google Talk but everyone uses MSN Live or whatever :'( so I have an account on that one too.
  15. Got it running (mostly) until I went into C:\ and it finally crashed. Ok, I managed to kill explorer.exe, let's try again. Let's see: slow, I mean cpu load, not animations which btw are fairly smooth (using a Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz and 1GB RAM) text looks like low-res... are you drawing text into a texture? I'm really intrigued at how are you getting those .pdf previews I'm sincerely impressed by this one feature (maybe IExtractImage?) couldn't preview .doc files... I guess it's because Microsoft Office isn't installed in my machine Other than that, it looks really promising. It would be good to have it follow your selection when navigating explorer's listview items (files/folders). Whatever, looks very awesome. I hope you continue this project, looks very good up to now.
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