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  1. It's been a long effing time guys. A long effing time. Just decided I'm interested in customizing my Mac again. Lion is what I'm running, where do I even begin?
  2. Would anyone happen to know how much iTunes would take from a sale of an album of yours? For example, let's say I charged 9.99$. Would iTunes take 3$ of that? 4$? Leaving me with 6.99 or 5.99$?
  3. I fixed the monitor issue. I still can't take ownership of the files, though.
  4. A clean install of WinXP was done and it seems that a.) my monitor's default resolution (1680x1050) is no longer an option in my display settings b.) I have some old encrypted files of which I must gain the permissions to. So, what do I do?
  5. Does anyone else feel the same way considering (as far as I know) that they ONLY updated the iPhone? Where's the camera for the iPod Touch? Where's the price drop? KAWSquared is sadfacing :C
  6. Flyakite is ridiculously out of date - just in case no one who has recently installed it has noticed. The last version was released, what... 3 years ago? 4 years ago? Come on now. It's a death wish for your computer.
  7. Yes, another question..... I've noticed that my router has trouble broadcasting a signal when my wireless phone is in use. My laptop cannot connect to the internet. My internet and phone-line provider is the same company. Could anyone know why this might be? is the phone's frequency disrupting the wireless frequency?
  8. I'll cut to the quick, I have a friend of mine who's asked me to help him with a little dilemma - his computer won't start up. And by this I don't mean the "booting XP and then a blue screen flashes" fail-to-start-up. It will simply not power on. At all. I've tried playing with that I/O switch in the back, replugging it into a different outlet... all other devices from the computer (mouse, monitor, keyboard) are still showing signs of life, and they're all connected to the same bar of plugs. He says he was just on the computer normally, not doing anything out of the ordinary, and it just turned off and wouldn't turn back on. No lights come on on the tower, no signs of life whatsoever. Motherboard? CPU? Something along the lines of that? Also, will the data be safe? Thank you in advance.
  9. That sounds like a good idea... Thanks for your input, guys.
  10. Hm, good point... how useful would you guys deem a meditation-related app? Stuffed with features and configurable settings?
  11. Is charging 4,99$ a download too much?
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