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  1. sooooooooooo is this ever going to be updated for the latest version?
  2. if you actually read what has already been posted you'll see that it's not very likely.
  3. suggestion go to http://portableapps.com and post it it will be added with a bunch of other portable apps it also goes in a menu
  4. for all you know though "coming soon" could just be the temporary cover up for "I've been shut down, so long" which in that case explains why there has been no update in quite a long time.
  5. ya but the question is how long has it said "coming soon" like that.
  6. like i said before they never made an up date to make it work for 7.1 or 7.2 what makes you think that they'll make an update to make the thing work for 7.3
  7. it doesn't even work for 7.1 or 7.2 the odds of it being updated to work for 7.3 aren't looking good
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