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  1. I like your skin... can you post is so I can download it?
  2. I have tested with and could not reproduce the problem. Could you test with another font just to validate this?
  3. All my personal accounts are configured via IMAP and/or POP3 and would require the name@domain as username. So it seems this is not the issue. If you could setup a temporary account at your server for me to test then PM me with the details I may be able to replicate the problem.
  4. Thanks for noting this out... I'll take a look at this (although it may take me some time to fix it).
  5. From your latest feedback I have updated the docket to add a delay option so checking for new mail will be delayed (or disabled) after running the configured application. Also added a dialog box to configure new mail messages (v. (Use %d as placeholder for the number of mails). You may download the updated docklet from the first post in this thread. Note: The docklet was recompiled with Visual Studio 2010, I just found that under my windows Vista machine I had to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package for it to run properly so if you get an error about a missing dll this might be the case so go and download it.
  6. Would need more info to figure this our (OS, OD version, etc).
  7. Windows 7 completely changed the way the taskbar works. I would need a full rewrite of this docklet. Maybe sometime in the future. Sorry.
  8. Could you please PM me so I may try to help you out?
  9. Updated (version to support IMAP with Yahoo mail accounts. Configure the account to use imap.mail.yahoo.com as the IMAP mail server. Indeed, to use IMAP with Yahoo mail you need a PLUS account, you could use POP3 though, although not as useful.
  10. Uncheck "Framed Background" option under the Font Settings tab in the options dialog box.
  11. Lazy me... I know I should add such an option... but you know! Well, I'll update it this weekend so you may select between °C & °F. Option added... download and configure the docklet to show °F/°C
  12. I have tested them with XWD 2.1... all my docklets get loaded but the right menu options do not work.
  13. This is a quick & dirty nVidia GPU monitor Docklet I have just created mainly for myself and my darn 8800 GTS card that has been running quite hot lately. It uses nvapi from nvidia to query GPU Physical procressor(s) for temperature readings. It is a very early beta, that is not very customizable. I will be adding more features later (like letting you select the GPU you want to monitor, or the temperature sensor to display) right now it only show temp readings for the very first sensor and GPU found. Try it out if you have nvidia based graphics card. Any feedback would be greately appreciated. BTW: It only work for nVidia cards. I am not sure if something similar could be done for an ATI based one, neither I have one to test with. Update: 06/10/2010: Added option to show temp in °F/°C NvMonitor -
  14. Thank you for the patience...
  15. I have updated this old guy. I now properly scales the graphs to support connections over 1 MB. I have also added serveral options to make it more skinnable like an easier icon selection tab, font color, size and transparency. Tested under Windows 7.
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