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  1. i think this is hackintosh [which i am running] lol you should post that here, trust me i posted it and they warned me and stuff lol
  2. hell yes it is sometimes it gets boring XD
  3. Anyone know what dock is the best for windows 7? i mean i like the task bar cuz its sort of like a dock but its not the same. Ive seen some docks on Dell and HP computers but their only for their own machines. Im waiting to see Bobah13's new dock but i want to try some out before his so anyone have any idea?
  4. naw its just Mr. Fag, im no tranny... i like trannys even though im not one myself....or am i.... hmmm????
  5. pfft "interwebs gentleman" yea right more like a eThug u should take some lesson from mps69 hes a real interwebs gentleman
  6. see now thats how a REAL Man asks politely for me to change my signature and sir i will do so XD anyways what fun this has been wasnt it ... "we should do this more often kawsquared & scissorhands7 & Levi"....... NOT!
  7. YEa i wanted to PLEASE! all "Bitching" and end this shit cuz im more of a man than all u XD PS: "Thank the lord" ahahahaha now that is stupid LMAO
  8. go ahead i dont give a fuk how about i help u edit it well do all that photoshop shit and put some nasty pictures of me sucking well... u know... Lollipops XD Yay ima be a internet celeb thank you XD
  9. WTF! my Pic and Signature are GORGEOUS!!!!!! i dont know wtf u iz talkin bout honney, mabey cuz ur old, maybe thats y u dont get it... Pffft i wish... thats Jeffree Star!!!! only the Most Beautiful trannys and Musician EVER! ---------------------------------------------- ANYWAYS ima be the BIGGER Man and end this "stuff" but yea Windows 7 is betterrrrr and thats all i gatta say
  10. sweetie its not the same shit!....I may swallow a dick now and then, but i dont eat it! dumbass see now that should be something u should be removed from here cuz that was insulting....
  11. Hell yea im a faggot AND!!!!!!!!!!!! naw now ima stay to annoy ur dumbass so get used to it!!!!!!!
  12. uhh honey im a guy so get ur facts straight b4 u speak Okay! and PS: If they dont ban u for going around a talkin "Stuff" about everyone and their work, when they probably worked hard on it, then YTF! would they ban me??? So baby im not scared of u cuz all u iz, is a trashtalkin E-Thug,thats all i gatta say XD
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