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  1. @mmike and daxliniere: I run a similar AHK script which simply hides and unhides all XWD windows on the ctrl+shift+r hotkey. Not for everyone, but it's pretty useful for me. GroupAdd, XWDWins, XWindows Dock return ^+r:: WinGet, visible, Count, XWindows Dock if visible = 0 WinShow, ahk_group XWDWins else WinHide, ahk_group XWDWins return Cheers, Andrew
  2. The no indicator problem is probably because the dock items are being linked to shortcuts, and not the actual application. To fix this, drag the .exe of the program to the dock instead of a shortcut. Also, ensure that Objectdock docklets go in the "docklet" folder, and XWD docklets go in the "plugin" folder.
  3. If you're on XP, backup: C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\XWindows Dock\items.ini otherwise, use the equivalent for your OS.
  4. @jbaranski: refer to this post by Bobah - http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/topic/53525-xwdock-2000-general-discussion/page__view__findpost__p__536321
  5. Dock looks lovely. Lotelin is right though, you have a memory leak in the stacks plugin.
  6. I've noticed recently that shortcuts to microsoft office applications (the weird ones that look something like ::{19875482346912378464}) don't work in XWD stacks. I get error: the parameter is incorrect. Any insights?
  7. open it with wordpad or something. Notepad is known to not recognize unix-style newlines, and makes editing stuff a pain.
  8. unfortunately, no. 2.0 has a completely new API
  9. cool update, wicked stacks docklet any chance of an SDK to go along with it some time in the future? just one request so far: could you get it to hide the "lnk" extension for shortcuts? At the moment, all of my stacks are shortcuts to applications, and it looks kind of odd with those being displayed.
  10. something like shift+click to start a new task would be pretty sweet. The solution found was to configure it inside another dock, and copy the configuration into XWD's folder in application data. I explained it more detail in an earlier post here. Basically, you can't do it right inside XWD at the moment. Not a huge problem since configuring a docklet isn't something that you do that often anyway.
  11. As a temporary fix, I've found that copying the configuration over from, say, rocketdock will work. open rocketdock\docklets\settings.ini copy the docklet you want open Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\XWindows Dock\Docklets open the ini of the docklet you want to paste it to paste
  12. completely by hand, because the new system is completely different from the old one. For starters, take a look at the files in skins/current/ from your 5.6 installation, copy the relevant files to a new folder, rename them to what they should be, and start tinkering with the settings.
  13. If it's the skin you're using, try changing back to the original skin. Bobah will probably have better advice, but if all else fails, you could try to take a look at the ini files in C:/Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Application Data/XWindows Dock/ and see if you notice any problems (or delete them, which would reset your dock).
  14. Here's some quick and dirty AutoHotkey code to cause XWindows Dock to toggle visibility when you ctrl+alt+R (just like rocketdock) #NoTrayIcon GroupAdd, XWDWins, XWindows Dock return ^!r:: WinGet, visible, Count, XWindows Dock if visible = 0 WinShow, ahk_group XWDWins else WinHide, ahk_group XWDWins return of course, an official solution with nice animation, etc would be great, but this works as a temporary workaround if you need to run something fullscreen or what have you.
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