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  1. Like I said, (and I don´t get tired of doing it ) I finally switched to Mac and I was looking around for nice and useful applications when this thought came into my head -Hey! why not asking Aqua Soft´s community?- so, here I am! and if you know about any good application, I don´t mind if it for performance,customization,docking, internet, etc.. I´ll be thankful if you post it... Thx in advance guys! Greetings!
  2. Hi ppl! Well I finally got a Mac! and I´m looking for a really good P2P software or Ares a-like application for this gorgeous OS... I´ve seen a lot searching on the web, but, I know that a few of you are Mac users, so, in ur opinion, and talking about songs availability, speed and good connection, which one do u recommend? Thx in advance!
  3. LOL!!! You are the man!!! Thx! I dunno why I didn´t tryu that before!
  4. After I played around for a while with QtTabBar my Toolbar is now missing! I´ve already unistalled it, but still nothing happens, I also use Styler toolbar, is there a conflict between this apps? I searched the web and I found a "solution" by pressing F11, yes it goes to fullscreen and I can see the toolbar there, I tried right click and play around by showing and hidding bars but didn´t worked! Hope somebody help me with this one! Thx in advance!
  5. Try asking for it here, I´ve been lucky a few times! Good Luck!
  6. Are u using WindowBlinds? If yes, try adding PS to your exeptions list...
  7. skdj

    What Is It?

    Looks like DesktopX from Wincustomize...
  8. I´m using FoxTab too and it´s pretty cool and easy to find windows, maybe you can´t surf on the "thumbnails" like they do it with this 3d browser, but, hey! who wants to surf in mini thumbnails instead of fullscreen? Nice any way, kinda futuristic...
  9. You might ask for it here, there´s a lot of walls there! See ya!
  10. Can´t wait to put my hand on it! ThX!
  11. I use windowblinds, a lil bit resorces hungry but works fine 4 me!
  12. There´s one but is onlt for Vista... it´s on the forum... My Dashboard i believe...
  13. Let´s take a look on this one... thx Edit. It will be nice a detailed list of programs and screenshots.
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