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  1. Hi friend, Congratulations on the new Baby. my windows is vista home premium with arabic and other "right to left" languages, and i could to parse the arabic and persian and armenia laguages from your first release. my problem was with the integrated reader and it is still not show characters properly. after you updated this docklet to show feeds in preferred brower, when i click on feeds, the show perfectly in ie and opera and other browser and i am very happy for this. this docklet is my likely and daily feed reader. thank you again, i like your docklet. note: when i copy the data on the temporary html file in the notepad and save it again to html with utf-8 encoding (in a save dialog of notepad), i could to see it perfect and good in a your integrated feed reader. the location of temporary html file in my system: C:UserssemorenaAppDataLocalRSSReaderDockletitem0.html
  2. thanx, i guess you must to set charset to "utf-8" like:
  3. thanx friend do you fix this problem? my another recommend is that in new version, when user click on rss link on popop window, the window close automatically
  4. Hi to all thanx for this docklet, but i have a problem: i use this docklet for arabic rss news, and the new rss windows show text not good. and must to change the encoding of the rss-file. for example: if you change the encoding of the file name "item14.html" that created temporary in "C:/Users/Me/AppData/Local/RSSReaderDocklet/item14.html" to the "utf-8" , then this docklet could work fine for other language such as arabic and armenia and .. like this rss source link: http://newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/arabic/news/rss.xml sorry for my english i am waiting for your help
  5. hi to all i am new usr, i downloaded and installed the version 5.2 of xwindows, but when i run this program, my ie get closed and i see error with WinH.dll file. what is solve?
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