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Found 2 results

  1. About a year ago I wanted to have a windows calculator that had the same look and feel of the one in my Macbook Pro running Catalina. I wasn't able to find any back then so I decided to try and create my own using C# in Microsoft Visual Studio for Windows. I was able to get it working good but unfortunately I somehow got my windows infected with a virus that damaged most of my files and I didn't have any backup. Yesterday while cleaning my emails I did find an older and still buggy version that I sent to a friend. So for those who might still be visiting this forum once in a while and might be interested in trying it out, you will hopefully be able to download the zip file that I uploaded here. Don't worry this doesn't have any virus. You need the calculator.exe and Newtonsoft.Json.dll in the same folder for it to work. Screenshots are taken from Windows 11 and the dock and finder bar that you see is a low cost program that you can purchase in Steam called MyDockFinder. Calculator.zip
  2. FYI I put out an old version of the Mac OS Calculator that I worked on about a year or 2 ago in case anybody still visits this site and is interested in trying it out. You can find it under the Community Applications / Application Releases discussion.
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