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Well after all the trouble with the site and forums being up and down right and left, our host claimed there was a problem with our server so they seemed to of deleted all the files, we lost it all no back up no nothing. So as AquaSoft slowly rebuilds I've set up forums for yall. Enjoy! :)

If anyone has any suggestions for the site please! Post them!


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Nice job Timan,

I was wondering when Aqua-Soft was coming back online and now it has finally happened...Maybe now we should spread the word about the new site....This new site is nice but I don't like the skin as much as the old one. It would be nice if you could find a skin similar to that one for Invision too...

This server seems to be a lot more stable too...

Glad to have Aqua-Soft back..



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Originally posted by Siddharth@Nov 8 2002, 10:38 PM

Dude...what exactly do you mean by work on it??? Work on applying it to this site or something else??


i meant working on a OSX theme for the site. for the forums, like aqua-soft used to look like. see what im saying?

these forums we use can be skinned.

Duckie is about to give it a shot and make it look like the tabs way up there ;).

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Guest Big Daddy P

Aqua Soft is back in business? Beeeeautiful!

The Big Daddy P needs his daily dose of Aqua, baby! Greeting & salutations to all of my Aqua crazed brothers & sisters!

Partay on dudes, partay on!

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