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Thanx Duckie for those great news i hope it can be just like the begining or better than that.. just the other days i was pounding some booze and started reminescing on the stuff i collected from here i was checking out my private stash,and came up with the (sh*t old school aquacontrol etc...) and they where so clean man i was like, i do i have a winblows or a mac? anyways i wanted to thank this community for making my cyberlife more stylish. thanx Aqua-soft. :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by contrasutra@Feb 23 2004, 05:29 PM

Just wanted to ask: Didn't we already have a "History of Aqua-Soft" thread months ago? :blink:

Has the history changed? ;)

well, smarty pants, that thread was put in the Deleted bin

besides, it didnt go into NEARLY as much detail as this series will

so relax, k?

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