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Regardless of what he *meant* it's worded wrong and should be ammended.

Are we that close minded that any change is seen as flaming? I'd hope not. The wording should be.

"While Windows 2000 was a 32 bit OS, it did not support 32 bit icons, where as Windows XP it's close cousin finally let us have an alpha channel in our icons"


"In February of 2000, Microsoft released its partially 32bit operating system; Windows 2000"


"Unlike Windows 2000, Whistler was a completely 32bit OS. Gone were the base of its 16bit predecessors"

The wording is ambiguous and has nothing to do with 'reading it wrong" or not "reading closely" it has to be do with wording it wrong. You can't say "windows 2000 is a partially 32 bit OS" you can't. Even if you say "Windows 2000 is a partially 32 bit OS in regards to the GUI" that's incorrect as well. The correct wording is "Windows 2000 only supports 24 bits for certain values in the GUI" The GUI itself, and certainly not the OS are at anyway "partially" 32 bit. You're right COLOR is defined as being 32 bit, 24 bit, etc but he never said "Windows 2000 has partial 32 bit color support" he said the "partially 32 bit operating system, Windows 2000". It's wrong.

Look, I was just pointing out a simple mistake. It is a mistake, whether you want to ignore it or not. I was trying to help. Closing you mind and acting like that doesn't help the community.

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Actually if you look back one page <--- on this very thread I just saw someone else who pointed out a similar error:

Hold on, NT was always 32-bit. It had win32 on a fully 32-bit kernel. What windows 2000 added primarily was plug and play, transparency, and a new shell over NT4. In fact, there was always a wowexec subsystem in NT ever since NT 3.1 so it can run 16-bit programs.

Windows95\98\ME where hte 16-bit OS' with win32 tacked on making THEM partially 32-bit.

From Smoke

So I'm not the only one. Duckie's response?

this isnt a story about Micro****

But I'll let it go, I don't really care, it's just interesting the way both you and Duckie handled the pointing out of it.

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Originally posted by Duckie@Sep 24 2004, 10:47 AM

Do all of you babies need a bottle?

I'm talking (generally) about G U I

not 'subsystem'

I may be a geek, but my god...I'm not THAT anal.

end of story.


Jeez Duckie, this argument died over a month ago.

And, for what it's worth, you're still wrong. Referring to an OS as 32-bit refers to the maximum bit-size of data in the OS's kernel, not a subsystem. If anything, you should have specified you were referring to the GDI+ rendering subsystem (you, after all, were the one talking about a single subsystem, not Dominatus - he was referring to the bulk of the OS's systems) not fully supporting native rendering of alpha transparency.

As it stands, Dominatus was correct that your comment was in error.

Furthermore, being right isn't the same as being anal.

Also, Windows 2000 did support alpha transparency, just not natively. Skinners/Developers could have used DirectX (or OpenGL) to make transparency possible, but this would have been a little overkill.

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i wonder what happens when people are getting bored with aqua. maybe they will start to implement the zippo theme from wincustomize!

his story is entertaining, real, flawless, flawfull, or fake. it had a good concept of how apple tried to do things diffrent that appeals to people instead of making things that appeal to llib setag (read this backwords please).

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Thanks Duckie. Just discovered aquasoft the other day. Typed "Mac on Windows machine" into google (or something like that), and discovered an entrie community of creative people. Thanks for a very interesting history lesson. I hope you'll continue with the history project and pick up with your story where you left off. It ends on a real cliffhanger! :)

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