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[Help] Objectdock + Thunderbird


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Does anyone use them together? I mean, if you use Thunderbird, it will appear on the object dock (which is annoying if you don't have any new email and it's "sitting" there")

If you use Thundertray to minimize it to the system tray, how do you open up the thunderbird apps with object dock again??

I'm still using outlook and really want to switch to Thunderbird :D

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oh sorry.. err how can I explain it clearer..

I'm using ObjectDock and I disable my windows taskbar.

I don't want the Thunderbird icon to always be shown on the Dock's Taskbar. (the default when you run the Thunderbird on startup, is having the icon on the Dock's taskbar)

Hope this is clear ? Pardon my english hehe :smartass:

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Hmm... well if you managed to set up Thunderbird so that it only runs/shows in the systray, then it won't show up in Objectdock's taskbar area... but otherwise, the icon is going to be there no matter what; after all that's what the taskbar area is for in the first place.

I'll bet you can hack the Thunderbird jar files somehow to minimize to systray. If not, there are a number of little utilities that will let you do this. Google for them. Probably something like "minimize programs to systray".

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Yep there is a utility called Thundertray that will minimize the Thunderbird to system tray.

Now that it is clear, I can whine back to my problem :)

If it's minimized to the system tray, I can't bring the main program up unless I double click the icon on the system tray. The problem is, I hide my system tray away. So if I want to open my Thunderbird, I need to close my objectdock so the system tray will be displayed, then double click on the tray.

(which is a pain)

That's why I was asking how you guys bring the Thunderbird apps back if you hide the system tray away :)

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