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[preview] And One Video :)


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Been working hard this night (it's actually 6am here ;))

Well, I finally set the animation system down. It's simple to use and yet very efficient.

So I made a little demo, about what kind of animations you'll have to deal with :)

here it is:

expire_video1.avi (1.6mo)

The video is about 15s long and is Divx 5.11 for the video and Lame MP3 for the sound.

Hope you'll like it :)


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It has realy poor syncronisation with the sound track.... IDK what your thinking putting out garbage like this, your never gonna get a music video deal with stuff like that.... :rant:

Looks amazing, i cna hardly wait, what the CPU overhead on something like that?

edit: and how will it manage shadow programs?

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Originally posted by lostspyder@Apr 22 2004, 07:15 AM

It has realy poor syncronisation with the sound track.... IDK what your thinking putting out garbage like this, your never gonna get a music video deal with stuff like that.... :rant:

Looks amazing, i cna hardly wait, what the CPU overhead on something like that?


Actually it was mixed in some mix, but I love this song, it's:

DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now :)

About the CPU overload, it really depends on you GPU card.

The faster your card is, the bigger the CPU load will be. Cause the CPU doesn't have to wait for the GPU card, but I will include a frame limiter :)

Actually with my brand new radeon 9600xt, I am at 47-49% CPU load, but it's a P4 with HT, so, I think it should make the 95-99% on non HT cpus. But I repeat, it CAN be decreased by the frame limiter.

Going to bed now :)

Night all :)


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yeahhh it seems to be promizing!!!

You're testing it on a very nice configuration, how about something like my laptop??? (Celeron 1,7Ghz 512Mo and a SIS650 GPU :cry: :cry: :cry: )

Will you include something for low configuration like "low details" or "low calculation"??? in state of a frame limiter... cause a frame limiter will make animation slow and lagy, i would prefer a fluent but poor quality animation...

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No no, don't get me wrong, the frame limiter is actually the VSYNC limitation :)

The rendering waits for the VSYNC, so it limits the animation speed to a framerate that depends on you screen refresh rate.

But, to be honest, I have to test it on a low-end machine, cause what could make some old pc burn is actually the 1:1 NON RECTANGULAR textures...

But if that slow down the speed too much, we will add a option to set the texture quality, and eventually make them rectangular (don't worry, you won't see the difference between rectangular and non rectangular texture in the rendering :)).

Hope this makes things a little bit clearer for all of you :)


EDIT: okay I just enabled the vsync, and I went down from 49% (actually 99% on non HT cpus) to.... 0%.... lolllll. I still have to test it on my old athlon with gf2 mx :)

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Oh, I am frightened, frightened..... My PIII 850Mhz laptop will not pull this one?? That would be sooo tragic... :cry:

But Siwu, I have not seen the answer to Lostspiders last remark: How does it handle shadows from like Y'z Shadow?

Will there be an option to have it act simply like Panther's Exposé? Not all the turning and flying windows? Will the thumbnails represent the live action in the windows? (for example: will I see my video still playing in the thumbnail? Will I see progressbars make progress in the thumbnail?

Anyway, it allready looks terrific! Good luck developing ahead!

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So, for the features:

- video playing while exposing: we plan to hook the default video renderer filter in directshow. But for now it's not the most important thing :)

- windows continues to animate while exposing: I am searching hard a way to obtain this, I already tried to make a mirror display driver, but I would only allow me to obtain a copy of the screen buffer, not for each windows. I now plan on GDI hooking, but I dunno if it will ever work. That would be the greatest thing because the time when you press the expose button and the expose starting would be VERY VERY little :)

- Yes, it is possible to have only the expose effect :) actually expire is driven with his animation plugin (a SDK will be released, I am working hard on it). To be quick, the windows goes where you want and when you want them to go. So of course there will be a "standard" expose animation plugin :)

- As in regard of organisation, DrD.i.c.k has found a quite interesting way to organize them (prolly very close to the real expose). We studied the Exposé algo alot and simply exposing the windows is not only the most important thing, the way they are organized determines A LOT if the program will be efficient or not :)

- About the shadows: there will be no shadow staying problem :)

- About drag and drop: maybe :)

- About a release: I dunno really, but I hope really soon :), check out the expire website when it's ready: http://expire.free.fr

Hope this clear things a little bit :)


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Originally posted by xfluffyx@Apr 24 2004, 04:36 AM

looks incredible Siwu, waiting patiently for a release!

(ewww phpnuke, bleagh.. try mambo server)

Well, it was actually phpnuke coz we don't want to bother to make website, but I must admit, mambo convinced me :)

Thanks for the advice :)

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What did you mean by rectangular texture siwu ?

and if it is faster and if we won't see the difference, why don't use it by default ?

and the will real expose plugins work REALLY like expose ?

( i mean exactlly the same vision results )

and to continue windows animating i may have an idea of this

you can try to hook the GDI paint function like does windows blinds

and try to redirect this on your software.

and if you want more computer to try this i have nearly 20 different computer available.

( from some old pII to recent P4 or amd or so on ... )

see you.

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