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[help] I Beg Of You Please Help Me Skinstudio Pros

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ok as many of you know I decided to take shinobi and turn it inside out..

so its all done except 4 stupid problems and I have tried everything and looked at every piece in skinstudio..

first up....

In the start panel the more programs highlight is still dark shinobi while everything else is how I want it(blue highlight)..

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some of the right click menus are fine and then some are all messed up.. But if ya highlight the text on mouse over its fine..

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This stupid border in the display properties.. I have changed it to completly white but it still shows up with this black border which doesnt fit with the grey border its supposed to be.. Again I have changed the image to nothing but white and that black border still shows up..

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And last but not least.. What the hell happened to my photoshop bars on the layers and tool windows.. They change to whatever they feel like, sometimes to what im working on.. Sometimes there even transparent. ???????

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Wow thats alot of typing.. :(

Anyways any help would be appreciated..

Thanks In Advance


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Stevie BM

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