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[request] Windowblinds Skin


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Evening. I was hoping to ask for a Window Blinds skin of Panther that would be more accurate. Though I HAVE searched the forum thoroughly for all available WB Skins, none are 1:1. And though they all do come close... None hit the spot on target. So please, if someone could perhaps rerelease a skin with the right panther buttons + progress bars + fonts, (which require no tweaks in system files or other stuff of sort - just apply skina nd go) that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Danimator - don't worry, i'm not bashing your efforts, just I find modding everyone of my system files just for a WB skin being a drag.

THanks in advance.

ps: If i AM missing out on a skin that is GOOD, please do post a link, thx.

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Well, the fact that you want no system mods, it's impossible. WindowBlinds cannot change the icons, cursors (et al) and there have yet to be a 1:1 of the fonts. And the way that WindowBlinds and MSStyles does the progress bars, it is almost impossible to get that exact also. The best thing to do, is use the ones that are out right now, and wait until the next Windows hits the shelves (Codename: Longhorn). Hopefully, there will be more customizability in the next version.

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hehe - yeah - i believe i expressed myself incorrectly - i dont mean that the progress bars and everything else should be 1:1. But what i meant was that the buttons that are for "OK/CANCEL" and stuff like that CAN be made like the ones in panther, however, the current panther skins use the jaguar "buttons" instead of the panther ones - THAT can be changed. and danimator's skin had orange progress bars, and i'm 150% sure it's not like that in panther.

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