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What Yall Favorite Movie

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saving private ryan

mullholland drive

the big blue

blues brothers

fight club

donnie darko

full metal jacket

black hawk down

vanilla sky

the pianist




the big lebowsky

blade runner

le poulpe(seul les francais peuvent connaitre celui la je pense :lol: )

the ring




and many more :rolleyes:

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only some of my favourites, (not in order)

-The Matrix (1)

-lotr (all)

-fist of legend

-reservoir dogs

-tower of death

-blues brothers (1)


-Kill Bill


-and the list countineus...

edit: man, I can't belive I forgot pulp fiction :blink:

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i reckon that ther slingblade was pretty good, mmmhmmm

beavis and butthead do america

oh brother where art thou

joe dirt

:southpark: south park bigger longer and uncut ( they aught not talk like that, they just boys mmmhmm)

:matrix: the matrix

and anything with sexy women :naughty:

:dr_evil: and austin powers

i reckon ats about it mmmhmmm

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My faves:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Star Wars (mainly the older ones, not the new "Episode" ones)

Sleepy Hollow ( stop laughing :lol: )

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Matrix 1 and 3 (didn't like the second one much)

Austin Powers 1, 2 and 3

Saving Private Ryan

I'll add more as I think of them ;)

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T1 and T2

Hellraiser 1 2 3 :6

LOTR trilogy

Jurassic Park

[horror movie goes here] :blink:

The Shining, It, Pet Sematary 1 and 2

[more Stephen King goes here]

Mission Impossible :lol:

[some sci-fi movies go here]

[comedy movie goes here]

Originally posted by tadis@Jun 2 2004@ 01:15 PM

Khabhee Kushi Khabhee Ghum <===  (if you don't get it ask an indian)

for the movie, the line up, or just the fact that it's well known?? :rolleyes:

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in no special order:

princes moninoka(lord help me if i can ever learn to spell that right)


kill bill v1

matrix 2


just my top favs ;)

my least fav would have to be

FINDING NEMO, dont get me wrong its a great movie, but my dam girlfiend has made me watch it with her like a million times now.

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Originally posted by Globox@Jun 2 2004, 03:59 PM

LOL, that's your favorite movie of all time? Crazy... what was it before the Butterfly Effect?

Ashton Kutcher is pretty awesome, though.

Well, I also like medieval movies, such as The First Knight, Braveheart and LOTR series (to some extent).

The Butterfly Effect really stunned me tough.

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