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[request]a Good Guide To Skinstudio


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I've decided to go out and get WindowBlinds so that I can convert SS(Black Panther) 2.0 to WindowBlinds. It means I wont be able to work on my GT4 VS at the moment but if someone points me to a good guide to converting a VS to WindowBlinds or even gives me a few hints i'd probably finish it on within an hour of reading the post (However, I'm at the Donnington Music festival this weekend so unless you post in the next few minutes, you wont see it till Monday).

I'm also going to make the Objectbar Themes possibly using crni's themes as a starting point (@crni: If you read this before you get a PM/e-mail, Please can I have permission to use your Objectbar as a starting point for making my one?)

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