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Stardock Object Dock BETA is out...........


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Originally posted by myrioi@Nov 19 2002, 01:26 AM

I like the implementation that moby used for the thumbnails in his dock, where there is a constant thumbnail of the program (regardless of the window being maximized). In objectdock you just get an icon when the window is maximized. I'd at least like the option of having the thumbnail at all times.

I will confess, that this preference is likely more due to habit as I've been using mobydock since day one and have just gotten used to it's implementation.

(Of course if the thumbnail disappeared from the dock when the window was maximized i'd be happy too.)

BTW, Great work on the dock Jeff.

FYI: The real OS X doesnt have a thumbnail when the Window is viewable. Jeff was accurate in this feature.

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Well its nice to see you here JMB and veyr nice job on the dock.. i mean it is very feature rich. Its just i feel that Yz dock has a smoother and more accurate dock for the Magnification. I love the bouncing.. thats incredible work.. lol seriously... and the smooth Icon swining back is just amazing. If we get Yz docks mag into this, it will kill :P



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JUST three things that would make this the best dock:

1. Lucida Sans font, size 11 (or better still, custom font)

2. Correct magnification effect

3. Running apps on the right (Yeah, I know you're woking on it)

If these are implemented, lawd, I dont think any other dock will be able to beat it!

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It's kinda of funny that you people are saying that this dock is not supose to be an exact clone of the OS X dock because in the old beta version of this program the icon for it was "The Apple" icon the one with those colored stripes, also it had the genie effect which I would have liked to have seen worked on and in this release as an option.

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ObjectDock runs about 1.5-2.0 faster than Y'Z or Moby's on my comp with GDI engine!!!


Verrrry smoooth...

However, like everyone else said, mag effect is a bit "harsh"... not very nice on the eyes :) it distracts attention too much...

Also, custom font selection dialogue would be nice... italics don't look good...

however, all in all, a very nice dock! (with task shots, albeit a bit ugly, and notification support)

THNX Jeff!!!

oh... btw... my comp specs...

PIII CuMine @ 1GHz

512 MB RAM

GF4 Ti4400 / Detonator 40.71WHQL



PS: Can we expect plug-in / dock applet support in near or distant future?

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Awww...Come on Blade...tell us how you really feel...

a bit harsh aren't we?

it IS alpha, and is probably the most ambitious first release of the three docks. Bouncing icons on a first release...not bad at all. Give it some time before you tear into it. Y'z didn't autohide either when it first hit the scene did it.


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Those of you that think ObjectDock is crap obviously don't know what you are talking about. Yes, a lot of improvements are needed, especially auto hide which a lot of us like, but remember that Y'z never had auto hide to begin with. Plus, we all know that ObjectBar was created by the same person, and look how customizable and feature rich that application was. This dock is being developed by a highly skilled programmer and best of all even though it's Stardock, it's free.

Another benefit of ObjectDock is that it's self installing and automatically puts a shortcut on your desktop. Y'z and Moby are zipped and the app itself isn't truly installed.

ObjectDock also has the poof effect which can be changed. A great source for poofs is resexcellence.com. While the magnification does need some adjustments it has three settings which help achieve different looks and feel.

While MobyDock can show running tasks as far as I remember they aren't actually minimizable from the dock itself and mobys won't show snapshots of ANY running window, while ObjectDock does. If you use ObjectBar to recreate the OS X finder bar where running tasks are not shown, it is extremely handy to have snapshots of all your windows on the dock.

ObjectDock also has full and empty states for the trash which Y'z doesn't, and if you don't have a trash icon on your desktop then it sucks not being able to see if the trash is actually full or not.

Y'z dock shortcut settings are more complicated because they also include a "work folder" option which isn't really necessary.

Both Y'z and ObjectDock allow dragging shortcuts to the dock to add them, but with Y'z you have to specify the icon you want. ObjectDock will automatically use the shortcuts icon.

ObjectDock contains working clock which the icon ca

n be changed on. Y'z has no clock.

ObjectDock's configuration menu is much nicer and has buttons to easily add a shortcut, system command or clock in case you delete it.

Y'z dock looks very crappy with only a few icons on it. Most of us have a lot more than just 3 or 4 but it still shouldn't look funny and magnify weird when you only have one or two icons on the dock.

ObjectDock seems as if it loads shortcuts a lot faster than Y'z as well. ObjectDock also has an "Empty Trash" button on it's setting window which is helpful.

Given some more time I'm sure ObjectDock will soon add features such as autohide, positioning on the top, left, and right plus transparency options and possibly sensitivity. While it is only my opinion I feel ObjectDock is much nicer than Y'z or MobyDock and it runs perfectly fine on my machine and doesn't appear to run slow at all. For it's first realease it can already do a hell of a lot so I think we all have a lot to look forward to.

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@ flyakite:

I agree with most everything you said there, except that the work folder specification is absolutely necessary for running Morpheus on my system. Morpheus is itself just a .jar file that runs from the Java compiler, which is in a different directory from the Morpheus program files, and without the work folder specified to, say, C:\program files\morpheus\, it refuses to load from the dock.

Mind you, this is the ONLY program I've found that DOES need the work folder, otherwise your statement holds.

-Cere B)

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