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[request] Lg Phone Software Mac Theme

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Originally posted by starforge@Jun 25 2004, 05:09 PM

Which LG phones?

I'm actually interested in the new LG U8110 so that's why I'm asking


im upgrading my vx4400 to a vx4500, but i dont think it supports theming. and imm going to research the U8110 a little bit before i get back to you..i'll edit this post in a bit.

but yeah LG phones are great and itd be nice to see something for them besides for sony and motorola. if only LG supported theming...and the vx4500 is quite a new phone! it has real voice recognition; no more recording somoenes name. once you enter it into the phonebook, it knows how it is supposed to be pronounced. you can operate the entire phone by voice too! great for driving, esp. since i drive stick.

edit: i cant find a u8110. where are you looking for it? not in the US i guess

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