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Expire. Looking For Icons


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The expire beta 2 is nearly finished, you'll be able to set ur d3d settings, edit your own effects and so on. And expire is geting out of ur taskbar, and into ur tray ! But as i already said befor, we are code monkeys, and hence have the artistic capabilities of a cheese sandwich. So we need your help here !

Get us a set of icons !

The nicest ones will become expire.s official icons and you will be able to say that ur work is in a lot of people's trays (including ours ;))

to submit ur stuff you can either post it here (or even better on expire.s boards), or mail me with it @ crucher@rocketmail.com

rush job chaps, the sooner we get a good icon the better ! We will accept submissions for a week (till friday 9th o july).

we need a tray icon and a normal desktop icon (they can of course be the same - just different size).

Good luck and have fun !

Edit by siwu: icons from 16x16 to 128x128 plz !!

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Thank's for all your submissions people - we have started benching over your icons right now, some great work we got here

some progress news :

the beta 2 is realy close, and its very, very close to the final product

one week tops and you guys should have a download link ;)

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