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Visual Style Tutorial

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Hi All

I have been a "passive" member of this forum for some time now and I'd like to crawl out of my shell (no pun intended!!) and try creating a VS myself. I am totally in the dark on how to start so can someone pleeeeeeeze provide me with some starter tips ?

What do I need to create a VS (apart from oodles of creativity!!) ?

How do I put together a VS ?

Is it very different from creating a WB theme ?

Thanks all.

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Guest Pedros

You need Syle Builder (I can' wrie i wha a fu***n boards!)

It's not so different but more (wow, there is T!) hardiest!

I'm workin on one BIG project, take a look at www.quiqua.tk but not today, tommorrow (03.25.2003)

Best Regards,

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