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Some Suggestions To Make Iex Really Unique


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I'm not sure suggestions are welcome at this stage, but iEx looks to be the most promising exposé-like system around, and I know sometimes suggestions come too late to be implemented ;)

Well, here is the idea: many people are using instant messangers, music players, calendars or programs to display all sorts of infos on their desktop. And using the exposé system with them may look very bad. Those apps have to be excluded and stay in place, most of the time the exposé-like thumbnails come over those apps and it looks like a mess. I also noticed on a mac that even without that stuff, it may look ugly because of all different window ratios, so here are a few ideas (maybe some or all of them are already on your list) that I hope may be included in the great app you're making:

- Center tiles: The idea is to begin tiling from the center of the screen to avoid apps on the border. There are several solutions. The easiest one may be to make some kind of square 'snail', the tiles are arranged on a static grid from the center. A more difficult one would be to arrange them on one or several circles (different size, all centered depending on the amount of windows) or triangles, or any other shape...

- Fixed size: The idea is to avoid ugliness brought by different ratios. All thumbnails would have a fixed size (eg: 96px per 72px, 96x96, etc) or a fixed ratio (1:1, 4:3, 16:9). The zoom could bring back the original ratio. I think fixed size would be just wonderful, especially with a centering option. :)

- Hide: That would be an alternative for those who want it to work like it currently does, but without the remaining apps in the background. The idea is to hide apps that are in the exclusion list (or a separate list).

- Limits: The idea is close to the centering option. This time, thumbnails begin after the limit chosen by the user and stops before the other limit. It would allow the user to define marges.

- Horizontal or vertical: There could be an option to choose to tile the thumbnails from left to right, right to left, up to down, down to up, and to choose which order before. For example, primary order could be up to down, and secondary order left to right, and with these settings the thumbnails would be mainly on the left side of the screen.

That's it, I hope you liked them. :)



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