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Avedesk 1.1 Tutorial


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Although a few months behind the schedule this tutorial explains the details of setting up AveDesk, installing desklets and everything else a full blown tutorial should do. It has every function explained along with a description of all major desklets that come with AveDesk 1.1. It should be more than sufficient for new users, and even some experienced ones could take a look.

It took me a lot of time to do this tutorial and i tried to do it well, but if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to PM me. In addition to this, if you have ANY problems with AveDesk, i encourage you to post them here, before bugging Ave. I will try to answer your questions/suggestions, and if i`m unable to do that, i`ll inform Ave.

If you liked this tutorial and you like AveDesk, feel free to donate. Each donation gives Ave more time to work on AveDesk and improve it.


Last but not least,


UPDATE: Since the angry mob threatened to kill me cause of my Luna blasphemy :P a brand "new" Aqua tutorial is released. Also the Luna one is being updated with bookmarks thanks to Dr@g0nR3b0rn, who added them & made much better quality PDFs.



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1. Call me later, I will give you something good for pdf creating...edit: ok, actually it's already in this thread, you just have to look carefully to find it :D


-you have to enable show field codes in Word (tools>options>view)

-then click Add > Field...

-in category list select document automatization

-in field names select PRINT

- in field codes type in PRINT "[/Title (My bookmark 1) /OUT pdfmark"

and continue with every bookmark like this...

If you want to have sub-bookmarks:

-create a bookmark like this: PRINT "[/Title (My bookmark 1) /Count x /OUT pdfmark" where x is the number of sub-bookmarks

-then normally add bookmarks. First x bookmarks will be sub-bookmarks, fourth will be 'normal'

3. IMO aqua version should be for everyone :)

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AveDesk 1.2 is the latest public release.

AveDesk 1.3 is under development and is not publicly available.

I didn't have the time to update the tutorial for 1.2 but the same basic principles apply to it. The only difference is that now instead of 2 desklets (drives, folders) there is only one (PIDL). It's easy to set it up if you read the tutorial.

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@Ronnie: there really isn't a need to make a step by step tutorial, it's fairly simple. The desklet itself will help you set up the sublabel, just go to the label format tab and follow the guidelines there. As far as putting it on the right, all you have to do is set your label vertical position to "bottom" and horizontal to "center", and position it on the right.

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Does someone want to make step by step tutorial about making Hard disk desklet with usage in percent on the right side?

See attachment...

Are you even trying? I KNOW labels and sublabels are explained in details in the tutorial.

Here's a quote from the tutorial:

Type – You can choose regular label style (always showing under the desklet) or no label. If

check “Only visible on mouse-over” option is checked, label will appear when a mouse cursor is

hovering over the desklet.

Caption – Contains font, font color, shadow (and shadow settings) and background settings.

Shadow settings (“Settings” in the Caption section) control shadow color, alpha (transparency of

the shadow) and Offset. Offset controls the position of the shadow in relation to the desklet.

Sublabel – marking this field will enable sublabel which usually displays extra information of the

desklet. These can be number of files, drive size, free space, FTP upload speed or anything else,

depending on the desklet. Font and shadow settings are set in the same manner as those for

normal labels.

Alignment and Rotation – This section controls the label position and depends on the Position

setting. Horizontal alignment can be set to center, left and right. It aligns label to the left, center

or right. Vertical alignment can be top, middle or bottom. All these are set within and dependant

on Position setting.

Position and Size – Sets the label position relative to the desklet image. Can be set to bottom, top,

left or right. (Ex. “Left” will put the label on the left side of the desklet image). Margin controls

the distance of the label from the desklet image. So if you set it to “0” the label will be set just

under the desklet image. Max width & Max height control the maximum width and height of the



Drives desklet is responsible for representing drives as your AveDesk desklets and is used ONLY

for drives. Besides the basic desklet options (described in previous chapters), Drives desklet

contains few specific options. First of them is label format. This tab lets you choose the

information that is being displayed by the sublabel and its format. Format is set by entering the

preset sublabel strings. User can choose to display number of files ( by entering %f in the field),

number of directories (%d), total drive size (%t) (drive size is automatically adjusted depending

on the drive size), free space size (%s) ((drive size is automatically adjusted depending on the

free space size), percentage of the free space for the drive (%p) (NOTE if you enter only %p, you

will see just the percentage of free space without the % mark. To display the % symbol next to

the free space percentage meter, enter %p%% ). To add a new line to the sublabel use %# string.

The new line will appear under the first one.

In “Label format” tab you can also set your desklet to display drive name that appears in My

Computer and add drive letter before the caption in the Label.

“Images” tab gives an option to set a drag-n-drop image for Drives desklet. This image will

appear when a file is dragged over/in the desklet.

The “Drive” tab lets users choose the drive and hide the desklet when the drive is not

mounted/present in the system.

TIP: Use “Hide when drive is not mounted option” to have a CD/DVD icon popping up on your

Desktop when media is inserted/disappearing when it's ejected from the drive.

TIP: If you drag a file to a drive desklet, it will make a copy of it in the drive that desklet is

pointing to. If you want to move a file, hold the shift key while dragging.


Similar to drives desklet, folder desklet represents folders. The “Label format” tab holds the

setting for information that is being displayed by the sublabel and its format. Format is set by

entering the preset sublabel strings. User can choose to display number of files (by entering %f in

the field), number of directories (%d), size of folder in bytes (%s) (size is automatically adjusted

depending on the folder size). To add a new line to the sublabel use “%#” string (without quotes).

The new line will appear under the first one. You can also set folder to automatically update

desklet label to folder name.

“Images tab” sets the drag-n-drop image for the Folder desklet. This image will appear when a

file is dragged over/in the desklet. In “Folder tab” user sets which folder the desklet points to.

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