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How to create widgets


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Since Konfabulator for Windows is finally released, I'm sure that people here are just dying to start creating wonderful widgets for it. Here's some useful information for skinners. Quick intro:

Real Widgets can have dozens of images and text objects, multiple JavaScript sections (often in external files) and will usually create new objects at runtime using JavaScript to implement complex functionality.

Whether on Windows or Mac OS X .widget bundle has the following structure:






The .kon file contains the actual Widget code (similar to the sample Widget


On Windows the files that make up a Widget are stored in a .widget file (this is a standard ZIP file that has had its extension changed to .widget).

Text above is a quote from Konfabulator Widget Reference (PDF, 450KB) - a huge, 142-page article which will give you all knowledge needed to start skinning.

Note: I personally recommend you Crimson Editor for editing XML files.

Also check Widget FAQ on Konfabulator website - it contains useful information about making your creations more efficient, submitting to the gallery and common problems with application.

If you have more questions, visit Konfabulator forums or ask here, we will try to help you if we can.

If you have any constructive suggestions, post here. No "thanks" or "i hate you" posts please :)

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