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At the moment I don't have time to compile what I have into a full fledged theme hence it's Beta, but I am placing the link for it here.

I have created what I believe to be the most accurate snapshot of a Mac OS 7.6.1 Icon set, since I dug into the prefernces folders, COntrol Panels, Extensions, you name it, I scrounged for it. There are 110 Icons I created based on Mac OS 7.6.1.

I have included also the classic cursors and backdrop plus sounds. Now, I don't know who originally made these, but it's a shame to put together such a group of Mac Icons etc. without thier buddies, cause when I mentioned to them we were gonna go crash Bill's party since we have XP Icon support, even the cursors and Sounds wanted to join the party, so you can't blame me. :P

So, the conscensus being, "If you can't buy a Mac it's not the end of the world."

If anyone can take the time to compile this zip file and it's contents into a theme, then I will create full screenshots etc., blah blah blah. Anyways, use it, but please remember the 110 Icons I made myself. :)

The link for this is http://resource.girlspace-media.com/Mac_OS_Classic.zip


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I could have included 128 x 128 icon sizes but it would have looked odd and a bit fuzzy so i decided not.

But some are in XP format as well as 256 so it should work on any machine.


And in the next little bit, hopefully not too long but I will be having a huge icon pack released, it's not classic buti'd thought I would mention it. ;-)

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