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[release] Multi-Plugin 0.6 Public Beta

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I've uploaded a new version with some bugs fixed...

click here to download it (the link hasn't been changed, it's on the first post too).

I've noticed that the internet update on the current installer doesn't work, so you'll have to download the installer as well...the installer has been fixed though to allow future updates.

Shumai - i'm sorry but I didn't have the time to include the option to dump the iTunes resource files by their loading order to create a template skin :/

p.s.I will be on a vacation for a week from tommorow so I won't post here...

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I just updated to the new release and it appears that I lose the ability to access the offset menubar (even if I press Alt-Down/Alt-F/etc). To trigger this, I started playing from one of my playlists, sorted the playlist by number of times played, then tried to access the menubar.

This isn't consistenly repeatable so I don't know if that's the actual trigger. Exiting and reopening iTunes fixed it.

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What can I say? MultiPlugin 0.6 is a giant leap from 0.52. It came with so many features that even make iTunes for Windows a lot more lovely than it is on a Mac. Many thanks to localhost, you-are-great!

Anyone making skins for iTunes/MP 0.6 already?;)

@localhost: It's not important but I think you should know, the equalizer window caption is finally skinned with MP 0.6 (on my Traditional Chinese version of iTunes), however if you click on the album art, the pop-up bigger album art window caption isn't skinned. I also have one request to the future release, the possibility to change caption font in iTunes.


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My iTunes Window seems won't remember the application-close position, everytime I restart iTunes again the iTunes windows moves up about 20 pixels compared to the position I shut it down.

Not sure if it has anything to do with Multi-Plugin, but I'm running AveTunes desklet as well...:slant:


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I have noticed pretty major lag as well when using multi-plugin. No doubt, it's a great plugin and hey, it's free you can't beat it ;)

Anyhow, the problem with skinning the way localhost has done is that lag is apparent and unfortunately there really isn't much you can do to speed things up apart from upgrading your PC.

This is why I chose not to go this route with iTunes Skin Manager. The next version of iTunes Skin Manager and Skin Creator will be out soon which are complete rewrites. Anyhow, i'll post my own thread soon with all this information, I don't want to take away from localhost's plugin

Great Job on the plugin by the way localhost.. It's a nice effort as was my first release of skin manager. We must evolve our programming techniques and make our code cleaner, faster and more reliable. So for a first skinning releasing, good work.

- Runasoft

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It appears that Messenger Plus! has a problem reading text from the fake Winamp window of the new version of my plugin...I don't really know what's the reason...

looking at the old code, it's almost identical :/

Try contacting Patchou about it...other programs get the text fine, so the problem should be in his program.

But you've must have changed something in the function that makes it less compatible with other apps, you have no idea what it could be?

I will ask Patchou, but it worked before, so it's the change in your plugin that doesn't work, so I think the problem is on your side.

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