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Dashboard Gadgets ported to Konfabulator

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Hi guys ! :)

first of all, i would like to congratulate and thank you for all this job ! :)

for now, sadly, most of theses widgets are bugged :(

- Translator

since May 9.08, Babewfish belongs to Yahoo, now the good link may be : http://babelfish.yahoo.com/

& the top dropbox stay blank

- the Dictionary/Thesaurus

With the last Yahoo! widgets release, this widget give no result

(well, sadly, i guess this widget was abandoned in 2005)

- weather : the weather chanel option is bugged.

- World Clock : the city option is stuck.

Anyway, anyone knows where can i find the Istock Widget for Yahoo widget please? (http://maba.wordpress.com/widgets/) :)

sorry for my english, i wish you a very nice day :)

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