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Dashboard Gadgets ported to Konfabulator

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and after ghostwalker's done that, its off to the WMP version!

Then, week after next, I can roll my sleeves up on my new P4 3.0Ghz 1024MB widescreen notebook and really get to work on the dashboard suite (though I may release a stock ticker before the suite) :)

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Just a new screenie to let everyone know Im still working on it going a little slow as Im having to figure out the COM for alot of things(and thats new to me).I know the dashboard widget does not have an album art option but it should,so this does.Added context menu will come in handy for the mini mode option, its getting there and when it does I will post a link. If anyone know how to get to the playlist using com please email me or send a pm it would save me a little time searching for that info.


@pairustwo I just checked and all my widgets are still up at devart you can also find them here http://www.osx-e.com/index.php?categoryid=...13_sectionid=19

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i know that i speak too much about this guy - The-Mac-er-2005, but he is always a step in front of me ...

when i just created a bit similar dock to the one that is on the macs...he already had this:


my desk can be found here:


so u can judge that ... so ... i think my is good ... but his is even better although they are quite similar

...btw... dont u know where he could get that iTunes remote widget, cos AveTunes doesnt have the shuffle and repeat button, so i think its not AveTunes ... and as i can see Ghostwalker did not finish his iTunes widget yet ... and it is pretty similar to it ... so ... i dont know ... can u help me???

PS: how was he able to spawn the world clok Ghostwalker ... its your widget ... isnt it??? and i dont know about any spawning in there.

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My Desk is NOT a Fake, I only modified the AveTunes Default Widget, as you can read here:


My repeat and Shuffle buttons don't work. Its only for the look!

But your iTunes remote looks very good right now.

And my World Clock: I got the same Widget twice, so one is called "copy of alarm_world_clock.widget" and the other one (only a Copy) "alarm_world_clock.widget".

all clear?



see my new Deskhere:


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it can ... but you have to switch it to "always on top" fairly simple ... but not very practical so i use the one from ghostwalker most of the time ... by the way ... The-Mac-er-2005 ... how did you make your dock for widgets to work with those switchers and where can i get that backround for the dock that u have??? could you attach it in here, pls??? last one thing... where did you have the previous launcher the black one from the old os x version...and what about the quit buttons on your widgets??? i didn´t know that there were any for AveDesk doclets ... they r AveDesk some of them, arent they??? and how r u able to show AveDesk docklets on konsposé ... or is it konsposé or not???

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@matthew hopefully spawning will be coming for the world clock but not yet just do what I and The-Mac-er-2005 do.

@The-Mac-er-2005 is that my calculator you are using for konfab? and if so do you think its to big, I could look into adding a resize feature to it for everyone when I revisit it. I spend most my time with the iTunes widget jumping around to others I'm doing when I get frustrated with it.

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the problem with yours ghostwalker is the size is a little wide compaired to the real one. my skin is much thinner, more 1:1. but mine is kind of a personal mod, i think yours is better with all the extra stuff in it.

i never really released mine, so ill just attach it here, but i think ghostwalkers is better.


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where do I install the fonts for the sticky notes (I haven't downloaded the spawning ones yet)

I already had felt tip marker in my font folder, but I guess it dosen't work.

Oh, and in the spawning stickies, do you have to have a title?

maybe don't answer that last one, I 'll just check it out myself...

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[Kalculator] Error: invalid action trigger name 'onKeyDown' (C:Documents and Settings*username*My DocumentsMy Widgetskalculator.kon: Line 168)

Warning: preference blurAction has a different number of values than options!

Gives me that message

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