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Dashboard Gadgets ported to Konfabulator

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[Kalculator] Error: invalid action trigger name 'onKeyDown' (C:Documents and Settings*username*My DocumentsMy Widgetskalculator.kon: Line 168)

Warning: preference blurAction has a different number of values than options!

Gives me that message

oh, i have no idea what that means :P

well, like i said ghostwalkers is better. so your not missing anything.

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If anyone is interested in the old Widget Launcher, here is my Version!

Yes...I'm pretty interested in it ... is it finished or you just still keep on workin on it???

'cos i saw that one on zour older desk and i thought it was finished already ... so if it is ... please attach it in here.

anyway ... The The-Mac-er-2005, i think many people would be very pleased if you would release a pack of yours AveDesk Desklets modded ... couse some of them r really cool ... and i tried modding it, but i wasnt successful.

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@matthew I think some people wouldn't be happy with my releases, cos' e.g. the iTunes AveTunes widget:

shuffle, repeat and Volume Buttons do'nt Work. And the close Button of my AveTunes and Calendar widget don't work, too. But if you like, I could make a small Package and send it to you.

@The-Mac-er-2005, I would really appreciate it ... so if you really could you can send it to :


and, actually i would like to ask u one more thing ... i hope i dont bother u too much with my neverendin questions, but ... i think that most of your widgets r actually AveDesk desklets ... am i right??? ...so ... how r u able to launch your desklet from the Yzdock ... in osx-e forum you sayd u use Yzdock for your launcher.

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theres never what to be disapointed about your work ghostwalker ... u r excellent ... and i love your widgts ... all of us do ... actually i am feeling a bit asshamed that i am not able to do any widget and i just always ask for them ... but i am thrilled to learn it one day and then i will try to be as great as u r. i would really like to know how to do them, but i dont know if its gonna happen

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