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Dashboard Gadgets ported to Konfabulator

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well, right now i have to read loads of books (communist manifesto, das kapital, books on Mao's GLF...etc) for a paper i'm doing, but after i've read a bit, or during the holidays, I may post a screenshot of my progress (though most of the progress is in usablility not in visuals)

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Here you go sorry I havnt kept you up on this :


I'm afraid I still have no code to access your library and playlist from the back of the widget. If anyone knows the iTunes COM and wants to write a js.file to access them then I would be able to add it.

Why not use the konfabulator iTunes widget's code? Base the port off that one maybe :slant:

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Why not use the konfabulator iTunes widget's code? Base the port off that one maybe :slant:

There is code from several iTunes widgets in here but none interact with iTunes com I can use apple script but that would only be useful to people who have a mac not anyone on windows. I might release a version this weekend and again later when and if I can get some coding for the playlist.

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i saw an update of ghostwalker's itunes remote a few days ago on osx-e, it had a mini mode, and cd display along with the traditional dashboard look..can't seem to find it on the forum now, the sites been through a lot of changes recently.

So does that mean there's going to be a mode that shows album art? That's not really Dashboard like, but I would love if it did that!

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Cool! What I would really like to see is a mode with album art like this screenshot (from an AveTunes desklet), similar to the mini mode you already made. It has nothing to do with the real iTunes Dashboard widget though. :slant:

Oh I have an idea about the mini mode you have... would it be possible if you could flip the circle with the controls around and it would show the album art (still keeping the song info text on the right)?


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Ya sorry about that but I like all the bells and whistles.........


GODDAMN.............EXCITED isn't even the right word for this release.....I think I may need to go to the bathroom I'm so excited for this..................YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Nate Dogg

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